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Seeking: FT
Hourly Rate: Negotiable
Start Date: 12/15/2013
Experience: 3 or more years
Last Login: 01/11/2014

Nanny Professional Education:

  • Bonded
  • INA Member
  • Insured
  • Other Affiliations
  • Licensed
Rayetta H
MIAMI BEACH, FL 33141 (50 Years old)
Member ID:340596
  • Seeking:

    Would like to work as:
    • Either Live-in/Live-out

    Years of Experience:
    3 or more years

    Hourly Rate

    Experience working as:
    • Babysitter
    • Nanny/Housekeeper
    Languages spoken:
    English , Spanish , Dutch

    Owns a car

    Smoking Status:

    Number of families worked with:
    3 to 4 families

    Will work with up to:
    Two children

    Age Groups Worked With:
    2-3 (Toddler), 4-6 (Preschool), 7-10 (School-Aged), 11+ (Teenage)

    Education Level:
    High school graduate

    Twins/multiples experience: Yes

    Will work with pets ;Other

    Special needs experience

    CPR Certified

    First Aid Certified

  • Additional services:
    • Light housekeeping
    • Carpooling
    • Family laundry
    • Cook for the family
    • Grocery shopping
    • Homework help
    • Run errands

    Skills and interests:
    • Outdoor activities and Sports
    • Tutoring
    • Swimming
    • Arts and crafts
    • Play an instrument
    • Cooking
    Expertise in these Special Need areas:

    Will provide:
    • Work references
    • Driving report
    • Personal references
    • Medical testing
    • Criminal Background Report
In my own words

Rayetta's past nanny experiences:
New Borns are delicate! They must be handled with care due to the skull not yet grown together. (soft spot). A newborn cries, so I look for the following hungry, hot/cold, gas, wet, need to be held, or know that babies swallow air when they breastfeed or suck from a bottle, and if the air isn't released it may cause some discomfort. Some babies are intensely bothered by having air in their tummy. Most rewarding is a HAPPY BABY! Its very important to support the neck and head. Keep the baby dry and clean and comfortable everyday!.

About Rayetta:
I am a honest and caring person. I like to travel to forien countries, and learn other cultures and foods.. I like to go walking on the beach. I love animals.. I enjoy cooking, baking cakes & cookies. I like to roller skate, play softball, jog, aqua aeorbics, and dance.

Desired Schedule
6am - 10am10am - 2pm2pm - 6pm6pm - 10pm10pm - 2am2am - 6am