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From families…

"I had a great experience with your company. I wasn''t able to log on for a few hours and a representative responded and offered help immediately, even extend the service longer. I found a wonderful nanny, Nicole, to help our family. It was great to find a service that was reliable and had quality applicants without having to pay thousands of dollars for the service!! Thanks"

"I recently joined eNanny and hired a nanny through your service. We had excellent choices! Two in particular, Brooke and Krystle are wonderful candidates and will great nannies. We hired Krystle. Thanks."
--Ann Richmond, VA

"My husband and I signed up for your service just a few weeks ago and I've been totally impressed with how quickly we were able to identify, interview and hire a quality nanny. THANK YOU! "

"Just wanted to say. Love your website. Much better than Nanny4Hire. I think we will find someone soon. Thanks again! "
--Professional Dallas Mom

"Thanks so much. Thank you for offering such a great service and for the GREAT customer service. It has made my life much easier! "

"Thank you so much. That is why we tell everyone that asks, that enannysource has the best website for nannies. "

"We had a great experience with your service and wanted to thank you. We signed up with you on Saturday and placed an ad describing our family and our needs. We performed a focused search and found quite a few people who felt like they would be a good fit. By Sunday morning we had several replies and by Sunday night we hired a fantastic fit.
Prior to finding your service we had no idea how to look for a Nanny, especially someone legal to work in the US. Thanks for the great service. "

"Thank you so much, we’ll tell everyone about Enannysource, and how great the site was for finding our nanny. Laney
Thank you very much for your quick response and for handling this for me. I was successful using your service and consequently no longer need to be actively pursuing a nanny. Your service and our nanny have been truly a life saver for me and my family. I have recommended your services to many potential customers. Thank you! "

"Thank you for your quick response and action. We truly love your website and have used it quite often in the past three years for child care. This just continues to confirm the high level of commitment and service you have to your customers. Thank you again and happy holidays!! "

"I certainly appreciate your prompt reply and helpfulness with my account. I have referred many people to use this resource and I continue to be pleased with your ongoing service. I look forward to using your business again in the future. "

"Your website was very helpful. You provide a great service! Thanks! "
--Emil Conroe, Tx

"Thanks so much for your great website. We have found our 2nd great nanny through you! "

"Lorin, Thank you very much. I will speak highly of your service. It matched us with a nanny that we love. Regards, "

"Thank you for your assistance. I am sure that I will use your service again when it is time to search for another nanny or weekend nanny. You have a wonderful service and I have already recommended your service to others that have signed up. This will reinforce my loyalty to enanny. "

"My wife and I recently used your service for the first time to find a nanny for my 8 week old twins. We compared your service to several other online nanny services and found it to be the most user friendly, cost effective and informative. We found several potential nannies who met my specifications and interviewed 5. We hired a live-in nanny who found us on your site and we are very pleased. I will definitely recommend your service and if necessary use it again in the future. "

"Hello, Thank you for your help in finding a nanny. With enannysource's help I found a GREAT person to help with my children. Thank you for your help. "

"I also want to say that I loved the service and have raved to others about it. You have a terrific capability. I was impressed with every aspect of it -- from the website, to the candidates, to the daily articles and top picks. I am so pleased that I found you on Google. Regards, "

"We have found and hired our new nanny. Thank you so much for your website. It was a great experience. "

"Hello. i love your site. This is my second time using it to find a nanny. The first time was six years ago and my nanny stayed for all those years, so i never needed to go back until now. Again, I think I found someone great. the only issue i had was flying nannies out for interviews. this time, i flew two nannies to L.A. -- one from salt lake city and the other from atlanta. i ended up hiring someone who was living in ventura, so the flight costs ended up being a waste of money, but there was no way i could have known that. the first nanny i flew out (SLC nanny) spent her entire time here text messaging her friends and watching TV. she was clearly not interested in a childcare position, and made no effort to get to know my kids or my family. that was infuriating! (especially b/c her references all told me how wonderful she was . . . ) i felt that she may have just wanted a free trip to california. i was thinking she may have been more motivated if she had paid for 1/2 the flight and i paid for the other. if she got the job, she would be reimbursed in full. i didn't feel i could propose that b/c it was not "the standard." anyway, other than that one negative experience, i have nothing but praise for your site. it is easy to use, is full of lots of choices of nannies, and not ridiculously expensive, like the agencies we once used years ago. thanks! "
--Janet Los Angeles

"I have had 3 absolutely wonderful nannies from your service in the last 5 1/2 years with the 4th just starting this week. Your site is the only one that I have ever had success with. I appreciate your help and professionalism. "

"Thanks again. As you can see, we’re a little stressed. My grammar is not so great. Hopefully you can find a Margarita Not Applicable Lopez J. That’s who we hired. You guys are much better than all of the local services that we’ve used in the past! We’ll recommend you! "

"Finding the most reliable and trustworthy person to help take care of my children while I am working was such an important decision in my life. Enannysource.com helped me with this task by providing so many highly trained individuals to choose from. It was easy to use and the internal email function helped me to quickly communicate and sort through all potential candidates. I will without any hesitation continue to recommend anyone looking to hire a nanny to use enannysource.com! "

"Hi, I'm writing to you to tell you how absolutely delighted my wife and I are with your service. We found what looks like the perfect nanny for a complicated situation, and in about two weeks! After we looked at the local agencies that charge four-figure placement fees, we despaired because we don't have that kind of money. Second, since we are set now, could you remove me from the regular emails and updates? I'll try to fix my profile so that it's clear we are no longer looking, but since things may not work out, I'm glad that we have the full 90 days. Thanks, "

"Enannysource.com was a fantastic source for us. It took us only a week to find the nanny to fit our situation. Thank you! "

"I have to thank you for two things. First of all, yesterday I brought home a wonderful au pair from your site and she is already feeling like one of the family. I start my new job on Tuesday and where I was feeling uncomfortable about leaving my children I am starting to feel secure. This is proof that there are GREAT people on your site. Again, thank you for your service and for doing the right thing. I ABSOLUTELY will recommend your site. Blessings, "

"Thank you. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for providing the service. It made the process very simple. I will definitely use you again when Courtney graduates! Best, "

"Thank you so much for your assistance. My husband and I have used this website nearly 2 years ago and we were so pleased with your service! We have had the same wonderful nanny since my son was born over 2 years ago, and she has been fabulous. We are now relocating to North Carolina, so we had to find a new nanny unfortunately. We are happy with the one we have found so far so hopefully everything will work out. Thanks again for your help, and I look forward to receiving the completed report Monday evening. "

"I appreciate the help your website provides, I have found 2 different Nannies with it :) Thanks, "

"Great tool and just a fraction of the cost of an agency. I have met so many wonderful candidates...it's going to be hard to choose but with all the forms and guidelines...we'll get through the process. Thank you! Sincerely, "

"I think ENannySource.com is one of the best sites to find a nanny. I used another site before signing up for yours and would recommend your site to anyone looking for a nanny. I liked the fact that you could rate the nannies, that helped weed out the nannies who weren't really serious and saved me time. Actually that was one of the main problems on the other site I used before signing up for enannysource.com I couldn't get a response from nannies who I had e-mailed on that other site. You pay a good amount of money to be able to search and contact these nannies and you want to know that they will respond to you or are even looking for a serious job. That is why I like that you guys hold your nannies accountable for that. "

"I just wanted to say "thanks" for the use of your site. I did finally hire a nanny, and she's wonderful. I just deactivated my account, because I am happy with the match and don't intend to replace her (until I have to, anyways). I have posted a message up on my Mothers of Multiples discussion board recommending your site, so hopefully you'll have a few new members in the coming months. I know parents of twins and triplets are always looking for nannies. If you ever need or want me to test your application, just send an email my way. Thanks, and best of luck! "

"Thank you very much! The service worked very well for us, and one of our friends! We are spreading the word about it! Thanks again,"

"This is very impressive, a response on a Sunday after a late-night email I sent last night. I will continue to recommend your site, as I have sent at least 5 families to your site over the last year. I so appreciate your helping me with this, as I saw an applicant last night that I want to try to contact today. Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated and timely,"

"I will not be renewing as I found a wonderful helper! Thank you for your excellent service throughout."

"I have been using the service for about a week. Before finding your site, I had no idea how I would go about locating a new nanny. The "Top Picks" that I received today, were perfect. One of them was a person I had already contacted but who didn't want the position we were offering and the second was a person I had sent a message to only minutes before opening the "Top Picks" email. The picks were in the right locale and the candidates had the experience and qualities my husband and I are looking for. Thanks for the assistance your site gives."

"Thanks for a wonderful service for busy parents! I've just hired a nanny and just submitted for a background check. Thanks,"

"Loved your services will use again in the future."

"Thank you soo much. We just hired a nanny from your site. We did not have alot of responses from the other site we used. Yours was the best at having candidates call me or return e-mails. Quickly. Again ,Thank You"

"Your service is amazing. This is the second time I’ve used your site and really enjoy what you provide. Great solid leads on your reports etc. I think I’ve already found a great replacement in only 48 hours!"

"Well, I knew it wouldn’t take long, but 3 days has to be some sort of record for finding a dream nanny!! We have decided on a wonderful nanny who is going to fit perfectly into our family. We couldn’t have done it without the help of your website. Thank you so much again for this … we couldn’t have done it without you!."

"My name is Toby and I have been a member for only two days, but have already spoken with four nannies that I feel like would be great for our home. We have not decided on anyone yet and will be beginning interviews soon, but to only pay $98 for this service has been invaluable for our family. I was hesitant to sign up, wondering who I would find on the internet, but when I had the free trial membership to look around, I couldn’t resist. We thought about paying a service to get a nanny, but could not stomach the $1300-$2500 they were asking for. Your service has made it possible for me to find a nanny without sacrificing Christmas for our family. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"

"I found someone reliable and kind. Thank you so much! I could not have done it without your help."

"My wife and I would like to take time to thank your organization. We found our first Nanny on your website. She worked out great. We were devastated when she gave us her two weeks notice to help out her family, but also understood. We posted our family again on your site and got some great matches! Our new Nanny starts next Wednesday and we can not wait. Thank you for all your help."
--Michael and Kim

"Thank you for all of your support and positive energy. This is odd, but maybe the stars were in line for my family, anyway, we were introduced to a young woman on Monday who has exceptional experience in childcare, and was looking for a family with our needs. A huge plus, our girls took to her immediately! As a result, we have asked her to join our family. I will continue letting others know what a wonderful service you are and appreciate all of your support. Take care."

"I am not renewing my membership as I found a great nanny already through your site! I found the site/service very easy to use and navigate. I thought the quality of the nannies on your site was very good, also. Many thanks."

"We have had great success on your web site for the second time. We found our first nanny through enannysource.com. She was with us for a year before she relocated. We just found her replacement through your web site as well. We have also tried using traditional nanny agencies, but the selection of candidates is not nearly as vast as on enannysource."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful site! I was in a pinch due to a job/schedule change, and needed a nanny quickly. I looked into some local day-care facilities – and those places were NOT for me! Your site saved me! As a single, working mother, it was such a relief to have a one-stop-shop where I could review profiles and make matches based on my priorities. I have hired 2 nannies from your site, (the first one moved on to a full time position; I was only needing her part time) and both have been WONDERFUL. My children love their new nanny, and it has been such a great experience to welcome these young women into my home. I am freezing my account today (and hopefully won’t need it anytime in the near future) but am glad to know it will be there if I do need it again. Keep up the great service!"
--Amy, Mom to Ally (5 yrs old) and Adam (2 ½ yrs old ), Indianapolis, IN

"I have to say that I have VERY high standards and in the past have used nanny agencies that charge $2,500+. Within 1 week, I hired an amazing woman. Compared to other on-line nanny sites, yours was easier to use, had a more readable format and had better quality nannies - and had all the tools I needed (interview questions, contracts etc). I would highly recommend this site."
--Colleen, New Jersey

"I absolutely adore your site!! I had so many wonderful candidates to choose from. Our nanny will be arriving soon and my toddler has been carrying around her picture ever since we decided that she's the one! So a million thanks for making such a potentially disastrous scenario smooth and stress-free!"
--Adrianna, Hawaii

"Your fees are reasonable, and your service is outstanding."
--Julie, Huntsville, Alabama

"Hi! We are so pleased with enanny. We found someone in just 2 weeks. We thank you for your help and we loved your site! The Brancato Family"
--Julie, Redondo Beach, CA

"Thanks for your wonderful website. [Our nanny] started with us this week and so far everything is great. I have hired through agencies in Chicago before with steep finder's fees so your site is quite a bargain. The site is very easy to navigate and your Nanny Success Kit info is quite thorough. Thanks again for a fantastic service!!"
--Suzi, Lincolnshire, IL

"I just wanted to let you know how pivotal a role your service played in my life: I am a single mom and a registered nurse. I went through hell and back putting myself through college, with 2 kids on my own, to be able to do the job that I do everyday. I LOVE what I do, however I was at such a desperate point in my child care search, I almost quit my job. It was right after Christmas and I didn't have a lot of money...I was at the very end of my rapidly fraying rope! I just wanted to let enannysource.com know how much I appreciate your service. I was desparately looking for a nanny after our own, of 5-1/2 years, decided to call it quits and concentrate on her own new and growing family. I went online and signed up on three different sites. And just to let you know, by far, hands down, no question about it, your site was the absolute best. Your site is easy to get around. It offers exactly what families need. The nanny updates are great. We had many interested nannies e-mail us, and it was great to be able to read their information, see their picture, and decide to interview. It took us just two short weeks to schedule our first interviews. We found the PERFECT nanny for us. Our kids helped us decide too. They, in fact, had the ultimate decision on who to hire. We thank you so much for your help. You turned a stressful situation into an easy transition. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you."
--Erika & Family, Camarillo, California

"I found Bonnie on your site and she is, truly in every sense of the word, an angel. The service you provide is invaluable for families like mine. I get to keep my awesome job and my kids are with the best person, next to myself, that they could possibly ask for....and I didn't have to pay a $1500 finders fee to get her here. You will just never know how much your site means to me. Thank you so much."
--Joanna, Phoenix, AZ

"I have to say that I have VERY high standards and in the past have used nanny agencies that charge $2,500+. I found several great candidates and was contacted by several more that I didn't even find myself. Within 1 week, I hired an amazing woman and she will be starting in a few days. Compared to other on-line nanny finding sites, yours was easier to use, had a more readable format and had better quality nannies - and had access to all the tools I needed (interview questions, contracts etc). I would highly recommend this site and feel confident that if I am in the market for a nanny again in the future I will find a qualified nanny through your site. Thank you so much!"

"I absolutely adore your site!! I had so many wonderful candidates to choose from. Most of them got back to me pretty quickly... probably half by the morning after I decided to purchase my membership. I really am thrilled! Our nanny will be arriving on February 12th and my toddler has been carrying around her picture ever since we decided that she's the one! So a million thanks for making such a potentially disastrous scenario smooth and stress-free!"

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have had great success with your services. We have found both of our nannies online, and I have also referred two friends to your site and they had great experiences as well. Thank you for allowing me to refreeze my account. I have a lot of time left on it and I didn't want to lose it in case something didn't work out. Thanks again,"

"We have found a wonderful nanny through your service. It actually turned out to be someone we had known from the past, which just goes to show what a small world this is. Thanks for the help and the forms were also great! I would recommend your service to others. Sincerely,"

"I just wanted you to know that I loved your Web site. We found our perfect nanny. Your site was user friendly and quite comprehensive. The "tool kit" was very helpful in interviewing and preparing a contract for the nanny. The report card is a neat addition. I joined several sites before finding yours and wish I had not wasted my money on the others. You definitely have the best site out there! Thanks very much!"

"Hi! We are so pleased with enanny. We found someone in just 2 weeks. We thank you for your help and we loved your site! After being told that our local nanny service charges $3,000 to find us a nanny, you can imagine how thrilled we were to find your web site! We already have been in contact with about 5 nannies and are setting up interviews right now. Thanks for making this difficult search easy for us!"

"Thank you for all your help, useful information and opportunity to explore nanny’s in the US. We have just hired a new nanny from your postings, and have frozen our account hopefully this will stick, but we appreciate the opportunity to freeze the account and potentially use your services again. Thanks once again for a wonderful service! Regards,"
-- George and Sandra (and the twins!)

"I am so impressed by the number of contacts and customer service, I have signed up for your service!"

"Hi Steve, I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your Nanny Source web site. Not only was it easy to use and extremely helpful with a great selection of potential candidates for temporary/summer nannies, I thought it was a good value. But the best part is that I was able find a nanny in only a week! She is working out wonderfully and my twin girls adore her. Thank you for making this seemingly daunting and very critical process easy, painfree and successful for our family. I will definitely be back to use Nanny Source again in the fall after my maternity leave when we will be needing a full-time permanent nanny - and I am telling everyone I know to use your service if they ever need a nanny. Thanks for providing such a great service!"
--Suzanne, Overland Park, KS

"I was very pleased with the caliber of potential candidates for our family. I had three phone interviews and two in person interviews. At the end of the process, it was very difficult to decide who should be our caregiver, as my children really enjoyed both women. I think that either of them would work out great, and was able to choose the one that may work out better in the long term. I would definitely use this site again and will recommend it others! Thank you,"

"We are VERY impressed with your service. We have had some good candidates contact us and there is one that looks very good that we are pursuing. Just wanted to let you know that we think you have a top-notch service. I wish I'd found you sooner."

"I want you to know how happy we are with your service. We found a wonderful nanny and she has been working for us for 5+ months. She is a perfect fit for our family. Your screening process seems to work very well and we tell everyone about how great your service worked for us. Thank you!!!"
--Jenn & Kyle

"…Your site was the most user-friendly, generated the best leads and gave me the opportunity to conduct my nanny search on my own without having to rely solely on expensive nanny agencies... Thank you for your help."

"Thank you for your site. It is great. I know I will be back."

"Your site was a great source for many great nannies. This is our sixth nanny in eight years, and we can say we will use this service again."

"Thank you for your assistance and advice. I think you have a good site and a good business model."

"We used your service and found a fantastic nanny. Thank you so much for providing this valuable service."

"I am thrilled with your site and the possibilities! We received our first response today after only a couple of days."

"Thanks so much. It was a very pleasant experience and of great value to be able to 'recruit' via the Internet!"

"I have found a nanny through this Web site and it was great. It made it so easy to find a match."

"I just found and began using your site today and I love it! You have done a terrific job of putting together the perfect combination of functionality, design and content to produce an incredibly easy-to-use resource center. I have only been a member of eNanny Source for four days and already I have conducted six interviews, narrowed it down to three people for a full time position and have added four names to my list of qualified trusted babysitters for evenings and weekends. This service is such a time saver and very affordable. Well done!"

"The nanny we hired thru your service has been with us not quite a month now. Everything is working out great. My son likes her and she likes him. I just bought her a plant for Mothers' Day. Thanks for helping us find a wonderful caregiver. Next time we need one (not soon, I hope), I'll come straight to eNanny Source."
-- Susan

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your web site. Not only was it easy to use and extremely helpful with a great selection of potential candidates, I thought it was a good value. But the best part is that I was able find a nanny in only a week! She is working out wonderfully and my twin girls adore her. Thank you for making this seemingly daunting and very critical process easy, painfree and successful for our family. I will definitely be back to use Nanny Source again in the fall…and I am telling everyone I know to use your service if they ever need a nanny. Thanks for providing such a great service!"
--Suzanne, Overland Park, KS

"I found [my nanny] on your site and she is, truly in every sense of the word, an angel. The service you provide is invaluable for families like mine. I get to keep my awesome job and my kids are with the best person, next to myself, that they could possibly ask for....and I didn't have to pay a $1500 finders fee to get her here. You will just never know how much your site means to me. Thank you so much."
--Joanna, Phoenix, AZ

"I absolutely adore your site!! I had so many wonderful candidates to choose from. Most of them got back to me pretty quickly... probably half by the morning after I decided to purchase my membership. I really am thrilled! Our nanny will be arriving on February 12th and my toddler has been carrying around her picture ever since we decided that she's the one! So a million thanks for making such a potentially disastrous scenario smooth and stress-free!"
--Adrianna, Pukalani, Hawaii

"We have three special needs kids and had a difficult time finding a nanny in the past. Your service is fantastic - we have found three nannies on your site in the last several years and have been very happy with the quality of your nannies and level of service. We have recommended you to other parents and will continue to use your service in the future if we find ourselves in need of a nanny.Thank you."
--- Melissa A

"Great and thank you so much. Your website is the best. I have looked at other websites and other have been recommended, and yours is so easy to use. We have found our 3 nannies on your site. I will continue to recommend and use enannysource! Thank you!"
--- Jennifer

"We’ve now used your source 3 different times, each with tremendous success! I have and will continue to recommend enannysource to friends in search of childcare. Many thanks,"
-- Steve, AZ

Thank you soooo much!! Really appreciate it. BY THE WAY -- you have some very good prospects on your site. I was really happy to see how qualified so many candidates are. I''ve sent around your website to a bunch of friends looking especially for part time,which is harder to find.
-- Lynn, CT

"This is the second time we have hired a nanny, and on both occasions, we registered with multiple web sites and found that the nannies on enannysource were the most professional and most experienced. We had a wonderful 2 years with the first (who just became a mom herself), who had been a nanny for 18 years and was still in touch with all the families she had worked with. When I called her references, the response was, "You'd be incredibly fortunate to have her work for you!" And they were right. We're enthusiastic about our new hire, who has 20 years of nanny/household management experience, as well as a degree in early childhood education. She brought an art project to the interview, and our daughter clicked with her immediately. Thank you! I've recommended the site to multiple friends, and will continue to do so."
-- Zoe C.,CT

"This site far exceeds any of the others I've tried! Your filtering is much more precise=when I type in live-in, that's exactly what I get. Oh, and I love the way that your contact the potential family is set up. Have many accounts like Care.com, Great Au Pair, Go Nannies, but you're the best! About time someone got it right! Was this site a woman''s idea? LOL"

-- Margaret

From Nannies…

"I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I have been out of work for almost 2 years and then someone close to me recommended your site to me and I am so happy they did. In less than 2 months, I have a nanny position with a great family and the children are absolutely wonderful! I will certainly recommend your service to everyone I know. Thank you again!"

"I have had great success with this website. Thank you for such a useful service. I have obtained my past three Nanny position through this website and am very greatful! I am cuurnetly deactivated but I am at ease knowing that I can re-activate whenever I may need to to find future Nanny positions. Thank you."
--Miss Annette.

"I really like the advice in the emails you send. I am sure they will help me a lot when I have to negotiate with a potential employer."

"I enjoy getting the feedback and information emails you send, since I am new to the nanny role and searching my options."

"Thank you so much! I have a great family and a wonderful job because of this site I am very grateful for it thank you so very much!! "

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that after 2 weeks using eNanny's service that I have successfully found a position. I am so happy that I found eNanny. Thank you so much. "
--Laura Lee

"I have found a job with a real nice family with a 3.5 month old little girl. Thank you for the service you provide. "

"Thanks to your website I was able to find a job in less than a week! I found a wonderful family to work with. Thank you so much for making this website available! Have a wonderful day! Sincerely, "

"I have found a job that starts in Feb. I wanted to thank you for all your help in trying to secure a job for me. I feel you have been very helpful and I would use your service again if need be. Again thank you, "

"This is Gail I just want to say thanks to everybody at, enanny source for a great web site for nannies and families. And Thanks giving to all of you. Wish me luck. "

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your site it. I found "my" family on there in December 05 just two weeks after my bio went up and began working for them in January just two weeks after flying cross country to meet with them. They are wonderful! I was afforded the opportunity to be able to finish my college education while taking care of their children and providing a service to them. In return they have been incredibly supportive of my endeavor to get an education. This could not have possibly worked out any better!! I'll finally be done with college in June and will be getting married on 4th of July of next year ending a 3 1/2 year journey with them as their nanny, but I could not have asked for a better experience than I have had with them. Thanks to your site this small town Texas girl met a wonderful Virginia family and have made them part of my own family, whom I care for with all my heart, for the rest of my life. Thanks you so much!!! "
--Priscilla Texas

"The first day I signed up with eNannysource I was receiving through my e-mail Today’s Top Picks which made life so easy. It was really such a great idea and so simple. Thanks so much..I may have an interview from one of your members next week and hopefully, we can go from there. "

"Dear Friends: Thanks for your support. The job you do is great, because you are there, helping people to find jobs. God bless you. "

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help! I have found a wonderful family to work for and I owe it all to your site. I will definitely recommend your site to other nannies looking to be matched with great families. Thanks again! "
--Ashley Newport News, Va

"Hello! I am very happy to have found a really good family to work with because of your free service...I got a job with a great family within a week! Had it not been for your free service, I would never have been able to meet and work for this sweet family. Thank you! Please remove my name from the available nanny list. Thanks! "

"Utilizing your service really allowed me to locate the perfect family to work with. Thanks for your help and support. "

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding me a job. I have found one and start work Oct. 6th. Keep up the good work in helping families and nanny's find each other. Sincerely, "

" Steve thank you for helping me fine a job on the enannysource web site . it a really really good thing ,i finely found what i was looking for ... i really do appricate it so much ,please deactivate my account ...thank you ..so much.. "

" Thank you so much. This site is the best service of all. I found a great family to work for. I will use this site only next time I need a new job. "

" Hi eNannySource.com, It has been such a pleasure working with your web site. Every day I would receive numerous job opportunities and the way the site was set up it was so easy to let the families know that I was possibly interested in meeting the needs of their family. It was encouraging to see each day that there are so many families out there that are seeking out the services of a good nanny and your site just makes the process much easier. I was able to find a job with in less than 2 weeks! Thank you so much! "

" Hello Steve and the NannySource Staff, I wish to say thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity for me in profiling my service as a child care provider and your continued communication and updates. As I deactivated my account tonight and I was a bit hesitant in clicking the final yes despite having secured a position with a family I am satisfied with after interviewing as well as being interviewed by several families. I strongly believe my comfort with the family will also reflect in my performance for the family hence my delay in accepting a position with just any family. Once again, thank you for the service you have provided. Sincerely, "

" Thank you so much for helping me find a job. I found one a lot faster and easier than I thought I would. I will definitely recommend your website to friends. Sincerely "

" My name is Bobbie Sue. I am a recent member of your site, and just wanted to say I absolutely loved the experience!! I like how everything is very open and everyone knows what they are (or at least should be) getting. It was a very nice experience, and I will recommend any of my friends to your site. I have found the perfect family for me, and look forward to starting with them on Monday! Thank you for helping me create what I hope to be a very lasting relationship. "
--Bobbie Sue

" Dear Sir/Mam, Thanks for the email. I've met the family and going to start working from 15 Aug 2008.Thanks again for your help. Sincerely yours, "

" I only found out about your site four days ago through another site while searching for a job (and not having much success). I signed up with you, was contacted by a wonderful family, did an interview and was hired in two days. Wow!! I am really excited about this new opportunity and will definitely be passing this on to other friends who may be seeking assignments. Thank you enannysource. "
--L. S. New York

" I found a wonderful family, I met them this past weekend and I am moving in the weekend. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. Keep up the good work! "
--Mary Indiana

" Hello, I just would like to say thank you this great site. I hope to find my perfect family very soon! Thank you for helping me! "

" I want to thank for your wonderful service. eNannysource has served me in the past. However, I decided to continue on with my second year at our local college here in town. The past year has been quite an adventure to say the least. If I'm not too old when I graduate, I would love to try your service again. Helping families raise their children has always brought happiness in my life. eNannysource is the only nanny site I trust, especially with the alert section you have placed for additional safety. Thank you again. "

" Your service worked very well for me. Loved having the job opportunities sent to me on a daily basis, instead of me having to go thru a long list and pick them out myself. I also found a job with your service. Definitely would recommend your service. "

" Thank you so much for sending me job openings or families that needed nannies like me. Yes your system is sure working for me. Be looking forward to more job opportunities from you. Thanks again, more power and God bless, "
--Gliceria (Gless)

" Hi my name is Ederlie and I love you guys I found my first 2 families with you guys in San Clemente it was great I had lots of fun and now I’m looking for a different family, you guys are way better than “x”nannies.com, for sure. Thanks for the tips they are very helpful, but could you guys start sending me the top picks of the day thank you :) "

" Hi Lorin and Everyone at e-nanny, Thank you so much for all your help in landing a job. Your company has impressed me so much. Whenever I had a problem you were so prompt in getting back with me. I had signed up with another company for the upscale nanny/housemanager position and I have to say that they never got back with me as quickly as you guys did. More than helpful. A 10 point rating I would say. Good business and much success to you and your company. Thanks, Benetta 5/22/08 Thanks so much for helping me find a great family. Within one day of posting my profile I had been contacted by 12 families. At least half of them were exactly what I was looking for. In less than 2 weeks I had found a great position! I had been on some other sites (Nannies4hire.com, GoNannies, & GreatAuPair) for awhile and corresponded with a few families, but didn't come into contact with near the volume of high-quality options there as through your site. If I decide to only stay with my family for a year, I will go directly to you when I'm on the lookout again! Thank you, Thank you! "

"Thank you so much for providing this valuable resource. I found the perfect family on my very first interview. Your service made it so easy."

"I have been meaning to write to tell you that within two hours of my registering with you, I was contacted via email several times, we also communicated by phone, and then I met with the family in two days! It was an "instant match" for all concerned. The background checks began immediately and I started my job within five days. I love the my family and they love me! I have never been a nanny before this, but have raised my own two children to adulthood and was looking for something, as I wanted to be a part of making a difference in little lives. I know that I am. Thank you for this great site. Never before have I been employed so quickly!
--Karen C NC

"I registered with your company last week and I had an interview on today, 1-28-2008 and I was hired on today. Your service was easy and I feel as though I have found the perfect match for me. Thank you so very much because the family I will work for seems to be very kind and loving and we are just going to work well together."
--Hattie Carothers

"I have successfully found a job through eNannySource.com twice now. The first job only lasted 3 months because the family decided to put all the children into daycare due to the behavioral problems of the 2 year old. The job I am at now...I have only been at for a week. But the family is set on having someone with their family long-term and their children are very well behaved so I am looking to being with this family for several years to come. Thank you eNannySource for aiding in my job search. I have tried several other nanny websites and wasn't able to find anything I liked nor get as much information and resources as I did from eNannySource. I will definitely use eNannySource if I ever need a job again and I always recommend it to all my friends and family. Thank you.

"I have been a member of your website service for some time now and truly enjoy the responses I get from potential clients. I am a professional nanny(among other occupations) who enjoys working with children and their families, tremendously. Keep up the good work!

" This is for all you guys at enannysource, I think you all are doing a great job, I'm a nanny and just want to say thank you for keeping away scammers from your site...you are all very professional and I would recommend any one to use enannysource.com, once again, thank you and keep up the good work...."

"Thank you for your diligence...catching these scammers-in their attempts to infiltrate the childcare business-is most difficult. Good Luck to you~"

"Thank you for all your help, finding me a nanny position. All of the services you offer, were a great help."
Thank You
-- Holly

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for enannysource.com! My friend in Wyoming suggested I try your web site (I live in California) when I wasn’t getting any results from the Nanny Placement Service I joined. I will be signing a contract to work for a lovely couple this Saturday and couldn’t be happier.

"Hello, I just want to say thank you guys for this network, i found a job with a great family.Keep up the good work! and thanks once again...."

"I would like to thank enannysource.com in lest than 1 week I was able to find a job with a beautiful family with 2 wonderful little girls who help me a lot with my English and allows me to be part of the family. There is a new meaning for me to get up every day and discover new things in my job. I REALLY LOVE IT! THANKS FOR EVER"

"A great site; no the best site!!!! You all helped so much in my job search! I had been trying to find a job on my own for weeks now. I found a great job just a week after I signed up for your site! Thanks so much!!!"

"Hi, I think you are a great website and have enjoyed being able to search for jobs & potential families to work with. You have a good reputation & that makes it all worth while...Thanks,"
--Michelle ID#188096

"I have gotten several suspicious emails before but have recently carefully read your "security tips" section on your website. I will be forwarding scams to you from now on! Thank you for providing this service. Recently there was a nanny scam in our local newspaper where many girls sent in $50 along with their nanny application. Anytime someone can help spread the word about scams so that no one gets taken advantage of, that is a wonderful thing! Thank you for your service and wonderful nanny website. Sincerely,"

"The website is simply amazing, within 12 hours of posting my profile i got some positive feedback and already have 2 interviews set up. Thanks so much!"

"I wanted to let you know I found a job, using your site, within 24 hours. I've looked everywhere and found somebody 3 minutes away. I found everything easy to use and very user friendly. My new employer even had some applications, from enanny, for me to fill out. It was helpful to the both of us in asking all the right questions. Keep up the good work."

"The website is simply amazing, within 12 hours of posting my profile i got some positive feedback and already have 2 interviews set up. Thanks so much!"

"Thanks to your service, I will be starting with a new family next week. I am very excited as the children are adorable and the parents very nice. Your service was very easy to use and one of three that I used while searching for a nanny position. While I only had a free account, (the family was a paid member), I was treated as if I were a paying member and was actually contacted by family's through enannysource several times. Each were very good potential jobs, with either hours or distance being the only real reasons they did not work. If I ever need to find nanny work again I will definitely use your site.

"Hi! My name is Natalie, I love using this site! It is easy and very understandable compared to the other nanny sites! Thank you."

"I am moving from Kansas to DC and was really stressed as to how I was going to find a family to work for. I googled nanny jobs and came across your website. This site made it easy to find the perfect family. I loved that I already knew what each family was looking for before I even contacted them. I set up three interviews with families on your website during a weekend that I was visiting DC. I got hired before I even left town! The family was easily able to run a background check on me. Now I have one less stress when I move! I will use your website in the future and I will recommend your site to families and nannies! Thank you,"

"Thank you so much for the services your site offers. I am so excited to let ya'll know that I have found a wonderful family that I will be working for beginning in June. They are the perfect match for me and my needs and I am so excited that I found them through your site. I have tried many other sites and this is the only one I have had success with. Enannysource will be the site i recommend to all my friends and it will be the site i use when I get ready to look again, but that will be a few years yet. Again thank you for your wonderful site."
--Jamie Jackson TN

"Dear eNannySource, I have found a full time job using your website. Thank you very much , I still have my account active because I am trying to pick up a part-time weekend also. Thank you guys."

"Thank you for your updates on scammers. This is a great service to all of us. Again thank you,"

"My name is Tatiana and my ID is 66429. I just wanted to let you know that I have found a job and thank you. This is the second time I have found a great job through e-nannysource. If I ever have to come back I will without a doubt, thanks again."

"My search encompassed five nanny agencies (and Craigslist!). ENannysource is the one which finally brought me to the family who has hired me. To say I am grateful hardly begins to express how I feel. I just have to say that none of the other agencies found me anything close to the number of families I had phone and personal interviews with! Thanks again for your wonderful service, and should I need a nanny job in the future (even little ones grow out of nannies someday!) I wll turn to you first. Sincerely,"

"I am impressed with your service. The website is very efficient. Allowing alternate use of several communication methods drew me to the site. I think it was wise of you to offer temporary free services to the families. It afforded me a greater selection to choose from. I'm sure it motivated the families to try your company above many of the competitors. The idea of giving nannies a free look at the profiles in a simple front page format is also a plus. There is no bigger turn off than when the fine points of the website don't work smoothly. Your agency is obviously on top of that. I liked being able to contact families so quickly. Finally, your system of "top picks," records on e-mails, and the ability to make notes on prospective clients is well received. I like the user's ability to write a personal note to the family as well as directing them to my profile. Your programmers are top notch. It was nice to be able to read exactly what each family wanted in a nanny. Less than 24 hours after completing my profile I got a response from one of my top picks. Thank you for helping me find work in such a timely inexpensive way. Sincerely,"

"Thank you for your great service. I found the perfect family. Thank you again."

"I thank you very much for this website. It is one of the best. Easy to understand, and use. Most of all easy to find the right family and make connection. I like your displayed adds, and ability to make contact with the family right there. I am very happy and blessed by your website. It was just one two three and here I have position. Unbelievable, how Lord lad me to this website and gave me just perfect family to work for. Thank you, thank you so much. Keep up this site I am sure it can be a blessing to many others as it was to me."

"Wow! I came to this site on Yahoo! Hot jobs, filled everything out on thursday. I got a call on friday and saturday I went for my interview and got hired on! It's amazing! I've found the perfect family for me who have the same beliefs as I do and I would like to thank you for providing this site. I will tell all of my friends about this site who are wanting a nanny job or someone who is looking for one. Thank you so much!"

"I just wanted to thank you so much for having a wonderful website that put me in connection with a great family. I am really thankful for enanny source and hope that families continue to meet up with good nannies. Thank you."

"My name is Rachel and I found the best job of my life on enannysource.com. I worked for a family for 2 years and I still keep in contact with them."

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a wonderful site this is. I now have used your site twice to find a job. Both times I was very successful and found two wonderful families. It is so easy to use and the information that is posted for the families makes it very easy to go through. So, from the bottom of my heart thank you for such a great site."
--Nanny Jillian

"Thank you for such a great site. I have found a Nanny position."

"Dear enannysource: Thanks to your service, I found a job within walking distance. Thank you for your help!"
--Nanny Nancy

"I used your service, and within only a few weeks found a job. This is a great source for families as well as nannies. thanks!!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for having this site. It was wonderful, I was able to view so many families for the position. I think I have found a wonderful family and it is all thanks to this site. Thank you again."

"Hello,I want to thank you for being out here for someone like me that didn’t know I could turn my babysitting skills into a full time career as a nanny. Although I did not get hired through your site, I made many contacts and followed through with out of town interviews. This helped give me the confidence I needed to pursue the placement I was looking for. I love working with children and am grateful you are out here and gave me the opportunity (free ) to reach a long term goal. I would definitely recommend your site to employers and employees as well. Again Thank You,"
--Karen Buffalo, NY

"So far I am quite impressed with your service. My availability is a bit strange but people are still interested in hiring me. I used to swear by gonannies but this service seems to be much more aware of the needs in my area. THANK ENANNY!!"
--Tonya VA

" I have found the most charming family to work for. This network opened me up to serious opportunities all over the country."
--Billie Jo

"I have found a wonderful position thanks to your amazing site. I really enjoyed going through you and if I ever need another job (knock on wood this one will need me for several years) you will be
the first one I go through. Thank you so much for your help."

"Thank you for being so prompt on returning my e-mail. I have found your services to be very useful."

"Your site is awesome. But we feel we owe you so much more than a thank you. It was stressful worrying about finding work and searching for the right family. Your site takes the stress out of it and sends instant matches directly to our e-mail, making it easy and private. "
--Shandy and Tasha

"We would never have found each other if it had not been for enannysource.com. My little charges have found the best possible nanny and this nanny has found the best possible family.... You have united friends forever."

"With no experience as a nanny, but as a mother and grandmother, I registered with your service and posted a resume. Within one week I was hired by a family in our area. I am delighted with the family I work for and love my new career. Thank you so much for your service!"

"I have found a amazing family thanks to your site! They are so perfect in every way, my dream family. Thanks so much!

"Hello! I just want to say thanks for the great website! I have been looking for a job on many websites, but enannysource is one where people always contact me! I even got an email today from someone who knows me before from others families i have worked for. The website is really good .Thanks for the good work!"

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"We have found and hired our new nanny. Thank you so much for your website. It was a great experience."
- Dave

"Thanks so much. It was a very pleasant experience and of great value to be able to 'recruit' via the Internet!"
- Liz

"Thank you very much! The service worked very well for us, and one of our friends! We are spreading the word about it! Thanks again,"
- Marlo

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