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"I have worked with children for seven years now and I was working in a daycare center that I loved for three years before deciding to become a nanny. Children are so rewarding. I love what I do and I couldn't ask for a better job or an easier way to find a nanny job. I loved working with families and kids at childcare centers but the ratio between the kids and staff was too high. I was working by myself with ten kids, two of which were special needs and sometimes a few that weren't potty trained and needed a diaper change when my room wasn't equipped for this. I decided then I wanted to make a change. This is when I found I was amazed at how quickly I began to get responses after posting my profile on enannysource. A wonderful single mother found me right away and I worked with her and her two children until they went off to school. I then updated my profile and immediately had more interest in my profile. A couple with 2 year old twin girls found me. They had been searching for the perfect fit since the girls were born and hadn't been able to find someone for two years. is the only reason we found each other. I stayed with that family until the girls went off to preschool and I am fortunate enough to go back with them this summer. I still keep in touch with both families and I am so lucky to have found two amazing families so quickly. My current employer (also an member) just found there new nanny in another state three months before she starts. This website has allowed so many to find the right fit for their family and I am and will continue to use this site. Each profile offers just the right amount of information for me to see if I feel the family is the right fit for me. It also makes looking for a job so easy and I love that I get job updates. I am currently looking for an out of state job and I can't believe there are so many families all over that use this site. I love and I recommend it to everyone."

- Kailie W.

"I have been in the nanny industry for a very long time, initially using brick and mortar agents after face to face screenings. Then with the creation of the internet, I had switched gears to using the web as a job hunting tool. I have seen the online placement services form over time. Through them all I gained information on how to better market myself to parents seeking a nanny. Over the years I have used Enannysource in my job searches for temporary and longer term positions, four to be exact. They have been in different parts of the United States. I have watched this great company grow and expand their services and ability to help many families and nannies find each other. I have gotten to know Steve and his staff through various types of communication and networking and have found them to be helpful and supportive in my process to find employment that was right for me. Obviously, I kept coming back here to because I have had several successful arrangements. I felt that the team here has provided my employers with information they needed to be better bosses too. I am aware through the nanny community they are always connected to others in our industry and are on top of standards in childcare across the country. I also will read various articles that are posted on the website, and have followed the blog too. This company makes a real effort to help nannies and families succeed."

- Lisa W

"This is my second time using for a job. The first job I had was awesome, it was a great fit for me and the family they had kids the same age ad my children it was very close to my home and the pay was just what I needed so I could focus solely on this family. It just so happened that the Aunt of the family I worked for moved in with them and they no longer needed my services. Thank you eNannySource for helping me to find the perfect job I recommend you to all the people I meet that are in need of a nanny job. It was free and easy for me to sign up and I was able to find numerous families to choose from so that I can find the perfect fit for me and for them. I will always use your service."

- Tonya G.

"Being a nanny was something that I have always been interested in. I've heard stories of girls spending luxurious summers on the east coast or traveling overseas and I dreamed of spending my summers like them, but never found the courage to apply. When my job plans for the summer of 2010 fell through at the last minute, I was left scrambling to find available positions. I thought this would be a great time to start looking for a nanny position! I didn't think I would have much luck since it was already the end of May, but I couldn't believe the overwhelming number of responses I received! I ended up working for a family with four children, and they were located just down the street and around the corner! Originally they wanted me for just three days, but I ended up working for them the entire summer. I couldn't believe how close I got to every single one of them in such a short amount of time. They even took me skydiving-something I NEVER thought I would do because of my huge fear of heights and planes. We also took advantage of the beautiful pool in their backyard, got to see tons of movies, had fun baking and making crafts, going to the roller rink, and more! The summer flew by and saying goodbye was incredibly hard, but I have daily contact with them and see them every time I come home from school. I truly felt like part of their family, and I have no doubt that we will be friends for years to come. I may not have spent my summer with wealthy families from the Hamptons or traveling the country, but last summer was the best summer of my life and I would not have changed anything. It would not have been possible without, so thank you very much! "

- Lindsay R.

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"We have found and hired our new nanny. Thank you so much for your website. It was a great experience."
- Dave

"Thanks so much. It was a very pleasant experience and of great value to be able to 'recruit' via the Internet!"
- Liz

"Thank you very much! The service worked very well for us, and one of our friends! We are spreading the word about it! Thanks again,"
- Marlo

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