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Hourly Rate: $10 - $14/Hour
Start Date: 10/30/2017
Number of Children: 1 Child
Required Experience:
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Required Skills & Certifications

  • CPR Certified
  • Twins/Multiples
  • First Aid
  • Special Needs
  • INA Member

Looking for a Full Time Live-Out Nanny


Family Description
Looking for help from a
Live-Out Nanny

We want someone who can work
Full Time

Would like a Caregiver to start on
10/30/2017 (Monday)

Will pay an hourly rate of
$10 - $14 Per Hour

Our family has
1 Child
(2-3 years old, infant age)

Our home has

Our home is

We desire someone who can speak

Caregiver should have

Prefer an education level of a

Caregiver will

Caregiver can
Job Listing
Nanny for 18month toddler in Bridgewater

We had someone who moved to NYC & we are looking for someone reliable & efficient willing to make a more full time commitment & more close by. Someone affectionate and has a genuine affection for kids. Since it won't be too far to travel to Bridgewater from Somerville? We would like to meet you at Bridgewater Commons mall this Sunday? We are currently paying our nanny $13/hour so start offer is $13/hour. From later in Dec. $15/hour is not an issue, when we have 2 kids. From next year after our newborn comes along & I get back to work we can offer more than $15 after my son starts going to pre school.So, technically around $350/per week is what we would like to offer. Daily work schedule now includes mainly the following chores: Meal preps, breakfast, making orange juice, making pasta, boiling an egg/making scrambled eggs/soft boiled eggs, mac n cheese, boiling carrots/spinach, making smoothies in a nutribullet/ blender with strawberry or mangoes.So you should know how to use these simple gadgets & wash up after use .If you are prepared for taking care of baby's laundry, so from washing his clothes to putting them away neatly, then after drying; organizing & folding away into his closet/drawers. Bathing the baby, feeding the baby. So you must have prior experience bathing babies, how to engage them etc..Washing bottles thoroughly & all other baby utensils he uses such as plates, saucepans, spoons, forks, bowls etc., cleaning up after the baby which would include wiping the kitchen floors with swifter or antibacterial wipes, clearing the kitchen counter top with 409 after meal preps. I am pregnant so a one off request to run errands & help with light household chores should be prepared what you are willing to do or incase of emergency pick up Neil's meds from CVS.Playing with the baby & helping him during his nap time by reading to him & other developmental skills. He is into crafts & music so making him draw & paint would be a plus point if you love crafts. If you are CPR trained then bonus points. We need someone from 10am-3pm/4pm atleast 4 times a week now, as I am pregnant & currently studying, so need to get to classes. Flexible work hours is ideally what we need now. I would need you to clear his diaper pail & throw away Neil's trash at the end of the day. Tidy up & organize his nursery & play area everyday. Wipes sofas where he eats & plays with antibacterial wipes incase there is mess or he spills his milk. Washing his bottles, soppy cups throughly & heating his milk in microwave, sanitizing his bottles after. Carry his stuff up & down the stairs ( laundry basket/toys etc). From after the newborn baby comes in Dec. & after I go back to work, then we need longer hours & hopefully Neil will start pre school, so if it works out we can make a different arrangement from next yr.Like I said I am pregnant & currently studying, so need a mom's helper.Mandatory to own a vehicle & drive with a valid permit.

Additional Requirements

Desired Schedule
6am - 10am10am - 2pm2pm - 6pm6pm - 10pm10pm - 2am2am - 6am
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