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Hourly Rate: $10 - $20/Hour
Start Date: 04/15/2019
Number of Children: 1 Child
Required Experience:
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Required Skills & Certifications

  • CPR Certified
  • Twins/Multiples
  • First Aid
  • Special Needs
  • INA Member

Looking for a Part Time Live-Out Nanny


Family Description
Looking for help from a
Live-Out Nanny

We want someone who can work
Part Time

Would like a Caregiver to start on
04/15/2019 (Monday)

Will pay an hourly rate of
$10 - $20 Per Hour

Our family has
1 Child
(4-6 years old, infant age)

Our home has

Our home is

We desire someone who can speak

Caregiver should have

Prefer an education level of a

Caregiver will

Caregiver can
Job Listing
Seeking a Part-Time Nanny for our beautiful 4 year old daughter!

Hello, We are looking for a Part-Time Nanny for our sweet, fun and outgoing 4 year old daughter Nyomi. Her father and I co parent and have two different households so we have decided that we would have the nanny here at my house on the days we need help. We are open to bringing her to you as well. We could discuss that more during an interview. Our schedule is part time that we are looking for. Nyomi goes to preschool part time on MWF from 8:45-11:45. We would need help with pick up from her school on the days that she would be with you. She will be out for the summer in a few months though and then we won't need you to pick her up when she's out for the summer. We are looking for help on Mondays 11:45 am (when she gets out of school) until 6:30-7. Tuesdays 9-3 or 4 depending on when Nyomi's dad Zack gets off of work. He takes her Tuesday nights so he will be picking her up when he's done with work. Also I will have the occasional Tuesday off so the times I do I will let you know and we wouldn't need help those Tuesdays. Looking for Thursdays 9-6:30-7 and occasional Fridays 9-6:30 or 7. Nyomi spends some Fridays hanging out with her Nana so we won't need help every Friday. I know this may all sound a little confusing so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me anything. My daughter is the center of my entire world and I really want to find someone loving, kind, fun and playful for her. I am a little overwhelmed with having to find childcare for her since this will be the first time since she hasn't been with myself or family. I hope to find someone that will take our daughter to do fun activities which we of course would help pay for if you did want to do something outside of the house. I want to find someone that is mindful about what they eat. I don't love to fill Nyomi up on junk food, pop or candy. We rarely have any of that in the house. I hope to find someone trustworthy, dependable, outgoing, and loving. Our daughter has the sweetest soul. She is the most loving girl, she is a very bright light in this world and I hope to only grow that and not bring anyone into our world that would try to dim that or stand in its way. I would love to answer any other questions you may have. I hope you have a wonderful rest of you day and look forward to talking with you!

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