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Hourly Rate: $27 - $35/Hour
Start Date: 05/07/2019
Number of Children: 2 Children
Required Experience:
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Required Skills & Certifications

  • CPR Certified
  • Twins/Multiples
  • First Aid
  • Special Needs
  • INA Member

Looking for a Part Time Nanny


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We want someone who can work
Part Time

Would like a Caregiver to start on
05/07/2019 (Tuesday)

Will pay an hourly rate of
$27 - $35 Per Hour

Our family has
2 Children
(2-3 years old, infant age)
(11 years old, school age)

Our home has

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Part-Time Nanny Needed

Veronica, three years old, is an affectionate, exuberant and extremely playful child who is curious and keenly aware of her surroundings. She makes a dramatic angry face on demand—her eyebrows clenched and lips pursed, and will do a belly roll—undulating her belly for laughs. She is kind and perceptive with her friends and family—leaning into her shy, younger friend’s stroller and asking, “Are you doing okay?” This past October, a day after we celebrated my 45th birthday, Veronica said “I am sad we didn’t give mommy a cupcake for her birthday”— she is always looking after her loved ones. She is a child who likes learning new things--handing us a great pop up book about planets at the bookstore that is now one of her favorites, eagerly absorbing facts about each planet and excitedly realizing “Isaac and Dylan (her cousins in Atlanta) live on Earth too!” She loves wordplay. Though she has occasional tantrums like any child her age, she has fewer than we’d expect and we think that it is because of her keen ability to express many of her needs using language. An ideal nanny for her would be playful but no-nonsense, fairly rigid/consistent about routines and bedtime, comforting, warm and affectionate. Marlo, 11 years old is a thoughtful, determined child who continually surprises us with their humor. They dubbed their younger sister “plump foldy” at an early age and we all use it affectionately. They imitate their grandparents so perfectly, we all split our sides. Though they are witty and highly intellectual, they are often quiet in social situations, particularly in large groups of children, such as in the cafeteria or at recess. They were born female, but have come out as gender fluid, meaning their sense of gender identity and roles are never fixed. We are looking for a child care provider who is lgbtq friendly, ideally someone of the younger generation. Marlo loves horse back riding, learning about philosophy and politics with their dad, swimming, creative writing, texting their friends, blogging and Tweeting on social media, eating adventurous food, traveling and watching documentaries. They are “high functioning” autistic (though in our house we don’t use functioning labels because they are dehumanizing and limiting) and take a strong interest in the subject, identifying as a radical neurodiversity activist (their sassy catchphrase being “I identify as Actually Autistic, with a big fat capital A!”). They love intellectually stimulating conversations about life, people, society and politics. They go to an artsy progressive middle school Center School on West 84th Street and have many good friends. An ideal caregiver for them would be fairly youngish, liberal, willing to engage in intellectual discussion, non-condescending, flexible, neurodiversity-friendly, knowledgeable in the queer community, and has worked with tweens/preteens before. The duties include light housework, simple meal preparation, pickups and dropoffs.

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