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NannyPalooza 2010. Celebrating the Nanny Profession-across America!

August 24, 2010

The National Association for Nanny Care is putting on NannyPalooza events in 18 cities across the U.S. on September 18 and 19. NannyPalooza is to further the education of professional nannies. NannyPalooza corresponds with National Nanny Recognition Week, which is September 19-25. These events are priced at no more than $25 and are to further nannies education in areas such as language development, discipline and working with challenging kids.

Nannies help make working families WORK all across America, so let’s get the word out to all those hard working nannies about these fantastic events. For a list of dates and cities go to: http://www.nannycredential.org/npeventlist.html

eNannySource is dedicated to furthering the nanny profession and fostering understanding between nannies/children and nannies/families.


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Hannah says:

Excellent!! I can’t wait for NannyPalooza this year!! It’s one of my favorite nanny networking events!

Thank you very much, Steve!
We appreciate your support!
Wishing you well,
Janice St. Clair

Career Nanny
Founder and Facilitator of
Boston Area Nanny Support Group (BANSG)
An independent group of nannies helping each other, since 2000
***NANNYPALOOZA BOSTON Conference: http://bansg.info/?page_id=72

Proud member of NANC (National Association for Nanny Care)
Proud member of MAPN (Massachusetts Alliance of Professional Nannies)

Lois says:

My employer bought my ticket for NannyPalooza this year – it’s going to be my first time attending and I’m so excited!

Brittaney N. says:

First of all – that’s awesome that your employer bought your ticket for you! Second – you’re in for a treat, NannyPalooza is a lot of fun and a great way to connect with other nannies from all over.

Becky says:

What a great idea! I wish I had seen your comment before the event, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind for next year. I never thought about purchasing a conference ticket for my nanny, but I think that sounds like a wonderful gift!

Clarice Morgan says:

First time attendee and all I can say is thank you to everyone who helped make this happen in my city! I feel like I learned a lot and I met so many great people.

admin says:

We are so glad to hear that!