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ENannySource Reminds Parents to be Vigilant in Screening Nannies

June 19, 2012

When it comes to securing a caregiver for your child, parents must be vigilant in assuring the safety and well-being of their children.

At eNannySource.com, we provide parents with the tools they can use to make informed and educated hiring decisions. We take our commitment to safety seriously and provide the resources and guidance parents need to navigate the screening and hiring process.  

When searching for a nanny independently using online sites, parents must remember:

  • Online websites aren’t designed to replace traditional nanny placement agencies. eNannySource gives parents an affordable alternative to finding a nanny.
  • Online websites provide tools and guidance to parents who want to screen and hire their nanny themselves. The tools available through eNannySource are the same tools we use at our traditional placement agency. The only difference is parents, rather than agency staff, must use those tools for them to be valuable.
  • National criminal background checks are not a replacement for background checks done at the county court level, but should be used in conjunction with them. When using an online background checking service, be sure you understand what you are paying for. eNannySource offers one free county court record check with Gold membership and two with its Platinum membership. Additional county court record checks are available for purchase.

Regardless of how parents find their nanny, whether it be through an online website, through a traditional agency or through word of mouth, parents have the ultimate responsibility in screening and hiring their nanny.

While even the most detailed background screening and interview process can’t offer any guarantees, they can provide parents with important information they can use determine if a nanny candidate is right for their family.


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