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Expert Insight: Bob King, Esq. of Legally Nanny®

September 11, 2012

by Michelle LaRowe

Over the past several years I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Bob King, Esq. of Legally Nanny® on various nanny related projects. When it comes to hiring (and sometimes firing!) a nanny, he’s most definitely the leading expert in doing things right. Recently I had a chance to catch up with Bob and discuss his business, his service offerings and how Legally Nanny® came to be. 

Here’s what he had to share:

eNannySource: What is Legally Nanny ®?

Bob: Legally Nanny ® is the leading law firm representing household employers and domestic employment and homecare agencies. We are committed to helping parents hire their nanny legally, maximize their tax savings, and provide them with more time to spend with their family.

eNannySource: How did Legally Nanny ® come about?

Bob: When my wife Jennifer and I decided to hire a nanny for our daughter, we were determined to do things right and hire legally. Even with my experience as a labor and employment attorney, it took countless hours to research the complicated federal and state statues that govern household employees. No one person or resource could provide us will all of the California and all of the federal legal and tax information. Legally Nanny ® was born out of our frustration and on the premise that people should be able to hire nannies and other household employees legally and without unnecessary effort and expense.

eNannySource: What services do you offer household employers?

Bob: We offer a flat fee service ($995) to our clients. We’ll get them started and show them how to pay their nanny, pay their taxes, and do it all with the confidence that it’s done legally. This includes filling out every initial federal and state form that is needed, advising on applicable insurance, wage and hour and overtime laws; showing clients how to calculate and pay state and federal employment taxes, including providing a sample payroll tax calculation tailored for their ongoing needs, informing them about strategies to maximize tax savings and drafting a personally tailored employment agreement to confirm the terms of their nanny’s employment and protect their rights in a legally enforceable document. We also provide our clients with our copyrighted Legally Nanny Hiring & Employment Guide for answers to your household employment questions and provide a comprehensive resource packet.

In addition to our flat fee package, we offer other services. We draft and enforce employment, confidentiality and severance agreements and defend and resolve disputes, investigations, audits, wage claims, administrative charges or litigation stemming from household employment situations.

eNannySource: You mentioned work agreements, how important is it for nannies and families to have legally enforceable work agreements?

Bob: Work agreements are extremely important. They confirm the terms of employment that the nanny and parents have mutually agreed upon. They govern the working relationship and can prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings.

eNannySource: We know that for parents who pay legally, there are many advantages. They have peace of mind to know they are employing their nanny legally and don’t have to worry about the consequences of getting caught and they may be entitled to tax credits. What about the nanny? How does being hired and paid legally benefit her?

Bob: Nannies who work for employers who hire and pay legally have access to unemployment and disability insurance, workers compensation, medicare and social security benefits. They also build their employment history and establish credit. In fact, some nannies even may qualify for the federal Earned Income Credit which could result in a tax credit larger than the amount paid in taxes.

eNannySource: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Bob: In addition to our parent clients, we are also the leading law firm representing domestic employment and homecare agencies. We review and revise client contracts, employment applications, employee agreements and websites. We also advise about proper interview questions, wage and hour issues, intellectual property protection, household employment legal and tax issues and defend and resolve client and business disputes.

To learn more about Legally Nanny®, visit www.LegallyNanny.com.

Bob King, Esq. founded Legally Nanny, the leading law firm providing legal and tax advice to household employers and domestic employment and homecare agencies. Bob represents household employers, domestic employment and homecare agencies, businesses and individuals in a wide variety of legal matters, including defending against claims and litigation from employees and charges and investigations from government agencies.

Bob advises clients on hiring, evaluation, accommodation and termination matters; wage and hour issues; workplace policies, handbooks, agreements and contracts; and resolving client and business disputes. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Private Duty Association (NPDA), and as the General Counsel for the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA). Bob previously served on the Board of Directors for the International Nanny Association (INA), and is also an active member of the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH). 


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