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Expert Insights on Choosing Disposable Diapers with Heather Tomoyasu of Miny Moe

October 30, 2013

by Michelle LaRowe
Editor in Chief

Baby’s bottoms aren’t all created equally. Recently I had a chance to connect with Heather Tomoyasu of Miny Moe, creator of the diaper sampler that was named one of Red Tricycle’s 2013 Top 10 Most Awesome Baby Shower Gifts, to learn more about what parents should consider when choosing a disposable diaper. Here’s a little of what she had to say.

eNannySource:  How did you come up with the idea of a diaper sampler as a baby shower gift?

Heather: When my son was a newborn – just eight months ago – we both had terrible leaking issues. For him, it was an ill-fitting diaper, and for me it was non-absorbent nursing pads. I was exhausted, frustrated and up to my ears in unnecessary laundry! We finally found brands that worked for us after wasting too much product, money and time. After the fog of the newborn period lifted, I decided to offer diaper and nursing pad samplers so that other new moms and dads wouldn’t have to go through what we did!

eNannySource:  What makes diapers different?

Heather: From first glance diapers don’t look so different, but when you get down to it the differences are many! What materials are used to absorb the goods, what chemicals are used to process the diaper materials – chlorine or bleach, etc. – and what fragrances are used to make them smell baby powdery and yummy – all of these can cause rash or irritation for some babies and/or not mesh with a parent’s view of safety for their family and the environment. The amount of liquid they can absorb and the rate of absorption also differ. The cut of the diapers is a huge difference as well – one brand will fit a short and stout baby perfectly but leak terribly on a taller and leaner baby. Some have an umbilical cord cutout and some have a strip to indicate wetness. Some are three to four times the price of others.

eNannySource:  What makes a good fitting diaper?

Heather: If the diapers aren’t leaking, I’d say you’ve found a good fit! Unfortunately, there is no way to know which brand will fit your munchkin except through trial and error!

eNannySource:  How do parents typically pick a favorite diaper?

Heather: Word of mouth seems key for picking a diaper brand – a lot of parents just go with the brand that a family member or friend recommended to them. Unfortunately, what worked well for a friend’s baby may or may not work well for your little one! Other parents just stick with the brand they were given in the hospital, while some turn to Google and leave it to eeny-meeny-miny-moe to select their brand!

eNannySource:  Tell us about your score cards you provide customers?

Heather: I broke down what I felt were the most important factors in choosing a diaper: price, softness/irritation, fit/absorbency, cuteness/design and eco-friendliness. As parents go through their sampler, using the diapers from each of the brands they rate each brand based on those factors. When you’re done with the sampler, you tally up the scores and the brand with the highest final score is your winner! The feedback I’ve gotten is that the score card makes it really fun to test drive the diapers and it is helpful – it includes photos of the diaper and the manufacturer’s packaging, so you can easily find it in the store.

eNannySource:  Is there anything else you would like to share?

Heather: We’re so honored to have been named one of the Top 10 “Most Awesome Baby Shower Gifts” by Red Tricycle’s 2013 Totally Awesome Awards. Miny Moe’s diaper and nursing pad samplers make unique and extremely helpful baby shower gifts, especially since expecting parents usually don’t realize how significantly different the brands can be!


Residing in Brooklyn, Heather Tomoyasu is owner of Miny Moe, blogger on her site US-Japan Fam, expert mom for the new app Mommy Nearest, and most importantly mommy to a sweet 8-month-old boy.


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Daniela says:

Great article! As a mom you want to make all the right and best choices for our children! Including the right diaper ;)