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Product Insights with Michael McConnell and Kelly McConnell of Prince Lionheart

November 5, 2013

by Michelle LaRowe
Editor in Chief

Michael McConnell and Kelly McConnell are second generation owners and operators of Prince Lionheart, a leading manufacturer of baby products worldwide. Recently I had a chance to connect with them and learn a little more about their brand, their mission and some of their newest products.

eNannySource: How important is the organization of a baby’s changing table?

Kelly: 3am is not the time to be putting your in-the-dark radar to the test. When you have to change a baby as often as babies have to be changed, you want to have everything you need at your fingertips and in the right spot.

eNannySource: Tell us your favorite features of the Diaper Depot.

Kelly: Our newest depot, the 2-in-1 diaperDEPOT, is like a 2-for-1 sale. You can have a really big station where you need it most, or you can split it up and double your diaper changing real estate. Hang it, stack it, split it, take it—make it your own.

eNannySource: Baby wipe warmers. Necessity or luxury?

Kelly: Do we wash our faces with cold water? No. We use warm water to keep our pores open. It’s the same for a warm wipe. It gives baby’s bottom a cleaner clean. They’re also a lot more likely to stay asleep through a warm wipe diaper change than a cold one, and sleep for baby means sleep for us.

eNannySource: Is the combination of moisture and heat safe?

Kelly: It is with our patented everFRESH system. We designed it to be anti-microbial, non-browning and moisture retentive. That means no icky germs or wipes, just happy bottoms.

eNannySource: How are the wipes kept from growing mildew?

Kelly: Wipes come pre-treated so that they won’t grow bacteria, so it is our job to make sure that our wipeWARMERs aren’t the cause of little microbes. We make our WARMERs with an EPA approved anti-microbial. We put it in the warmer itself, the warming pillow and in the pillowcase that separates the wipes and the pillow.

eNannySource: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Kelly: We’re a family serving families for 40 years now. Every product we make is inspired by our lives with kids. We think that’s the most important part of our company; if we’re making products for us and our kids, you can be sure they’re perfect for you and yours.


About Price Lionheart

There’s the flawless parenting you see on TV, and then there’s reality. In our company, we focus on the reality by creating products based off our lives as parents. 40 years and going strong—Bath & Potty, Nursery, Travel, Home, & Play. Prince Lionheart has been family-owned, family-operated and family-inspired since 1973. To learn more about Prince Lionheart visit www.princelionheart.com.

Michelle’s Review of the Diaper Depot

I’m naturally inclined towards anything that promotes safety, order and organization. For me, the Prince Lionheart modular Diaper Depot is an organized mom’s dream product. You can configure the Diaper Depot in more than six ways, which allows you to easily fit it into any space you want. You can even hang it. It holds everything you’d need for a diaper change, which means there’s no temptation to leave the baby alone on the changing surface in the middle of the night (which you should never do anyways, but overtired moms have been known to do it). It’s easy to clean and even has handles, should you want to transport it from room to room. For moms who are looking to add a little organization to the changing table area, this is a product you’ll want.


Prince Lionheart provided sample products at no cost for this review. 


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