Summer nannies-All you need to know

Many families are able to arrange their schedules so that they do not require additional childcare during the school year. If your children are school-aged, you have probably organized your commute and breakfast schedule around getting them on the bus or in the car and off to school. Even if you are home in the afternoon when your children finish school, they most likely have a schedule of sports, after-school lessons, play dates and activities for every season.

The summer, however, often represents a complete break in the set of schedules you have carefully worked out. While you must attend to the same responsibilities you normally have year-round, your children are out of school and free of their routine-often joyfully so.

Many parents enroll their children in summer camps, which can be part-time or sleep away, and which can be an excellent experience, in which children learn to branch out, earn a new set of friends, and can gain expertise at a new sport or skill.

Children, however are often none too keen on attending summer camps and are eager for a much deserved break from the strict routine they follow all year. Parents are often conflicted about summer camps as well, since they can interfere with any travel plans the family might have for their children's summer break. Furthermore, summer camps can be expensive as well as institutional, providing only the most basic supervision and relatively little instruction or instructor-child bonding.

For these reasons, many parents are choosing to find a nanny specifically for the summer vacation. Even if you feel that you do not require or cannot afford a full-time nanny, summer nannies can be a nice break from routine for your children and for you.

Summer nannies are usually college students or professional teachers who are looking to work for an entire summer with one family. They are people who have had positive experiences working with children, and who enjoy spending their time creatively and having a hands-on job.

Many college students who work as summer nannies are education or healthcare students and want to gain some field experience while earning some money for the upcoming school year. Teachers who look for summer nanny jobs are usually childcare experts who enjoy the freedom and versatility of working with children outside the confines of school.

Providing a summer nanny for your children can be very rewarding for everyone involved. Because the jobs also provides a break from routine for the nanny, you will find that summer nannies bring invaluable energy and a wealth of creative ideas to the job. Some parents want to hire the same nanny each summer, while others think it is important to expose their children to a different nanny each summer.

Summer nannies are often adventurous and enjoy living in a different place during the summer. If you hire a live-in nanny for the summertime, you are not likely to experience the homesickness and adjustment period that most new live-in nannies go through. After all, your summer nanny is really just taking a summer break from home or college.

Most summer nannies also enjoy travel, and can make a real difference in how you spend your vacation. If part of your summer involves travel, you may want to consider hiring a nanny for the whole summer and including travel arrangements in your nanny contract. Parents often find that they can enjoy their vacation more if it there is a babysitter along. Indeed, it is much easier to arrange the logistics of sightseeing and fun attractions if the children have additional supervision.

A summer nanny is a good choice if you need temporary, full-time childcare during the summer. eNannySource can help you find those nanny services using our online nanny search.

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