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The Initial Inquiry
Words mean a lot! If you're sending an e-mail, make a good first impression by checking your spelling and grammar. Working with children all day sometimes means helping them with their fundamentals; parents may be looking for someone who has a good foundation in language.

Respond quickly when families get in touch with you. They may have contacted a few other nannies at the same time, and getting back to them first will make a great impression. Remember, the eNannySource system works best when families and nannies actively maintain their accounts. Once you find a job and are no longer looking, it's very important that you deactivate your account.

Showing up on time shows that you care about the job and will be a reliable nanny. Although on-the-job attire will be casual, it's always best to wear something nice and tailored to an interview. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive; don't waste time complaining about previous jobs that didn't work out. The interview is the best way for both of you to establish if it's a good fit. Asking specific questions will help you get to know the family right away, and will demonstrate to them that you are very interested.

Nannies are generally paid weekly, and salaries vary from $250 to $500 depending on the cost of living in that job market, the hours you will be working, your experience level and what perks are offered, such as meals, living quarters or a car.

A nanny plays a key role in a child's development. Watching young children grow and learn is an experience that reaps many rewards. At eNannySource, we hope that we'll help you make connections that will last a lifetime.

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"We have found and hired our new nanny. Thank you so much for your website. It was a great experience."
- Dave

"Thanks so much. It was a very pleasant experience and of great value to be able to 'recruit' via the Internet!"
- Liz

"Thank you very much! The service worked very well for us, and one of our friends! We are spreading the word about it! Thanks again,"
- Marlo

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