Nanny Housekeepers-All you need to know

There is no question that a nanny is the best option if you are looking for qualified, loving, personal childcare that can take place in your own home. Most qualified nannies have had years of experience with children and are familiar with their needs-and also the needs of a busy family. Some nannies have been trained in early childhood education and are choosing child upbringing as a career.

Because your nanny will be looking after your children's progress in terms of good behavior, cleanliness, and basic education, a nanny's job, like a parent's job, is necessarily versatile. It encompasses everything that has to do with giving your children loving care-from changing poopy diapers to practicing spelling and learning not to call strangers "stupid".

Being a nanny involves looking after children, so it naturally involves keeping them tidy and making sure that they understand how to follow rules and to keep their own living spaces tidy. If you are looking for a nanny who will perform additional household duties, you may want to express your specific needs during the interview process, and, of course, in the nanny contract you draw up with your nanny.

One option is to hire a nanny housekeeper. While nannies traditionally perform some light housekeeping duties and child-related cooking as part of their daily routine with your children, most nannies will not anticipate any heavy cleaning, cooking or household chores.

Simple housekeeping, such as washing clothes or bed linen, preparing a meal and tidying up the kitchen, may be easy to work into your nanny's schedule of childcare. This is especially true if your nanny lives in your home, or spends several hours in your home while the children are at school or in another supervised environment. A nanny may also be able to run errands, such as dropping things off at the post office or drycleaners, or shopping for food. If your children need to be picked up from school or taken to the park every afternoon, these types of errands can easily be worked into your nanny's regular schedule.

A nanny housekeeper is a different position and attracts a different type of candidate. Normally, a nanny housekeeper won't have the same level of education as a professional nanny and may not be able to supervise older children's homework. Keep in mind that a nanny housekeeper is a compromise and that there will be some areas that will be compromised based on the amount of nanny care and housework that is needed.

Since you want to hire a nanny, it is important to be very specific about the types of duties you expect your nanny to perform and understand when a position becomes a nanny housekeeper job. It's particularly important not to add household chores after you have hired your nanny.

Before you hire a nanny, think about what hours you will want your nanny to work and what chores you need taken care of. If your children are very young, it will be difficult for any nanny to do household chores beyond cleaning up after the baby or sterilizing bottles and warming milk. But if you are able to hire a nanny to work even while your children do not need immediate supervision, then you may want to specify your desire for a nanny housekeeper. Be sure to ask your nanny interview questions that will help you make your decision.

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