Screening, Interviewing and Nanny Background Checks

You've looked around and the choice is clear-hiring a nanny is the best option for your family. Thankfully, your children won't have to be sent off to a crowded daycare center. Instead, they can enjoy the safe, nurturing environment of home-and the personal attention that only a nanny can provide.

But how do you find a nanny? If you're like most parents, you've already considered going through an agency. And as you've most likely discovered, the fees can add up fast. Not only do agencies tack on hefty service charges, but they often establish non-negotiable pay rates that may exceed your family's budget.

In addition, agencies make it harder to really get to know the person who will be taking care of your children. Indeed, families that hire through an agency are likely to miss out on a few of the crucial steps in the hiring process-they simply have to trust that the agency is effectively filtering out potentially dangerous candidates.

More and more parents, therefore, are choosing to hire using an internet-based nanny service and now need to screen candidates themselves. They are finding that this is simply essential to attaining the peace of mind it takes to actually hire a nanny.

Fortunately, our Nanny Success Kit, available to all paid family members (Join Now!), gives families the screening tools that fine agencies have. Now, you can bypass an agency and do the screening and application process on your own. It's a perfect way to cut down hiring costs and be confident with the choice you make.

When using the Nanny Success Kit, it is important to understand that the most challenging steps in searching for a nanny include the interview process, the background check and the trial period. That's why the Nanny Success Kit provides documents and guidelines that will help you navigate your way to success.

Before meeting a potential nanny in person, you will want to make sure that the interview will be worth your while. Our Nanny Success Kit therefore includes a useful telephone interview guide that helps you select the best candidates for personal interviews. With 11 interview questions ranging from past job experience to the candidate's personal philosophy on child rearing, the telephone interview sheet is an essential screening tool.

Inside the Kit you will also find a Pre-Employment Guide for Families and Nannies. This step-by-step guide will help you formulate effective questions for the in-person nanny interview. Obviously, there are a lot of issues that come up when hiring a nanny. Remembering them all, however, is nearly impossible. That's why parents love this comprehensive reference that comes in handy throughout the screening and application process.

Among the important issues listed are the standard salary and benefits for nannies. In fact, we recommend sharing this guide with potential nannies so that both parents and candidates are on the same page.

The Nanny Success Kit also includes essential application and reference forms to be filled out by a prospective nanny. By using these tools, you will be able to develop a strong understanding of a candidate's background. Getting to know your nanny is one of the most important parts of the hiring process, and the Nanny Success Kit really makes this possible.

When you have interviewed, checked references, run a background check and are ready to extend a job offer to a nanny, the next step in the employment process is to go over The Family and Nanny Agreement with your new nanny. To do this, use the addendum on items to be discussed provided in the kit as a check list for yourself. At this stage in the game, it can also prove advantageous to look over the agreement document with the prospective nanny.

While there are a wide variety of promising applicants, it can be a challenge to find the one that best suits your family. The Nanny Success Kit is designed to help you save time and money when hiring someone to take care of your children. In addition to this useful tool, we strongly recommend that you attain criminal background checks on your nanny before hiring him or her. This precaution will give you the added assurance that your family is being well looked after. eNannySource is your guide to information pertaining to the entire process, including the nanny contract, salary, and taxes.

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