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Nanny Guide: Using the Application to Find Great Nanny Jobs

The more information you provide about yourself, your availability, your experience and your expectations, the better your family search results will be.

All eNannySource nanny members have access to the eNannySource nanny application. While not a required part of the nanny application process, nannies who complete it have a real edge-up on nannies who don't. When a nanny takes the time to complete an application, it shows that she's serious, dedicated and committed to finding the right family to work with.

Why should I take the time to fill it out?

With thousands of nannies competing for jobs on, make your profile stand out by completing the nanny application. The more information you provide, the easier it is for parents to indentify you as a viable nanny candidate.

While eNannySource gives nannies access to large numbers of families looking for nannies, it can't provide the personal information required to conduct a detailed database search. The more information you provide, the better our advanced database nanny search engine will work for you.

Why a nanny application over a nanny resume?

Because our system is able to present parents with an abundance of information about perspective nannies, there isn't a great advantage to including a resume. While online registration and the nanny application do not replace the need for a resume, when combined with a background check, parents gain a real understanding of who a potential nanny is.

The more information you provide, the more information is provided to families. Completing the nanny application can land you interviews with families that you otherwise may not secure.

Sections of the Application: Job Preferences

The job preferences section of the application presents basic questions for nannies to answers. The answers to the questions in the job preference section will help parents determine if you are compatible for their family and the job they are offering. One of the most important questions of this section is "How long would you like to work as a nanny?" Carefully consider how you will respond to this question. Being honest about the length of the commitment you are willing to make can ensure that both the parents and the nanny have a clear understanding about the potential longevity of their relationship. Being honest about your expectations with regard to living arrangements, salary and benefits will ensure that you attract families who can meet your expectations. For more information on how to determine an appropriate nanny salary figure, go to our Nanny Salaries article.

Job Types

When considering the types of jobs that you are seeking, it's important to be familiar with the terms used to describe different types of childcare providers and to evaluate the duties you are willing to commit to and the responsibilities you are willing to take on. In the job type section, you can check off as many job types as you would like. Most nannies find that checking nanny and nanny/light housekeeping are appropriate choices. The more job types that you select, the more family search results you may be included in. However, it's important to remember that if you select nanny/housekeeper, the family will expect you to perform housekeeping tasks.

In this section, there are a number of other boxes that you can check if they are applicable to you. These boxes allow you to indicate what tasks you are willing to do. Remember the more things you're willing to do; the more families may be interested in you. However, you should only indicate the tasks that you are honestly willing to do.

Prior Employers

This section of the nanny application, you are given the opportunity to provide an overview of your childcare experience. The information requested—such as the ages, sex and number of children you worked with—can help parents determine if your experience would be beneficial to them. When answering what you liked and disliked about each position, remember honesty is the best policy.

The goal of eNannySource is to help nannies and families find their best match. Without honesty from both parties, comfortable matches cannot be made. For example, if you dislike doing housework, it is in your best interest to indicate that since after all, you will only be dissatisfied with a nanny position that requires you to do many regular housecleaning tasks.

Driving, Criminal Record and Medical information

While providing sensitive information to families may feel awkward, it's important to keep in mind that it's reasonable for families that are serious about hiring you and bringing you into their home to gather as much information about you as possible so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision.

While most families will require that you undergo a criminal background check, taking the initiative and ordering a report on yourself demonstrates that you are a self-confident professional. During this stage of the application it is also important to truthfully disclose the medical information required. It is important to remember that the law protects you from discriminatory employment practices. Families that offer you a nanny position are extending a great deal of trust to you and are relying on you to keep their children safe and providing care in an environment where adult assistance may not be readily available. Therefore it is important that your employer knows if you have any medical conditions that could affect your ability to safely do your job.

Education and Interests

At the end of the application, you have the opportunity to shine. Now is your chance to separate yourself from other candidates and show potential employers what makes you unique. Your education, skills and interests are all important. Nannies who have a creative streak are often big hits with kids. If you have musical abilities or are experienced in the arts, it could provide unexpected job opportunities from families who value these traits. Spend time on this section as you craft a clear picture of who you truly are and why you enjoy working with children. Being open and upfront about yourself, your abilities, your skill sets and your likes and dislikes is essential and will likely guide you to a nanny position that suits you best.

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