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At eNannySource.com, we’re the nanny placement experts. We’ve been in the nanny business since 1994 using what we learned at our own nanny agency to develop eNannySource.com. You can search our database of nannies and use vetting tips and tools like the Nanny Success Kit and background checks to hire a nanny just like a professional agency.

We have quality nannies including part-time nannies , live-in nannies, college educated nannies, nannies who specialize in infant care, and nannies who can double as a housekeeper.

Question: Am I going to be able to find a good nanny who’s going to love my kid(s)?
Answer: We’re the experts in connecting families with loving, caring nannies.

"I found Bonnie on your site and she is, truly in every sense of the word, an angel. The service you provide is invaluable for families like mine. I get to keep my awesome job and my kids are with the best person, next to myself, that they could possibly ask for....and I didn't have to pay a $1500 finders fee to get her here. You will just never know how much your site means to me. Thank you so much."
--Joanna, Phoenix, AZ

"I have to thank you for two things. First of all, yesterday I brought home a wonderful au pair from your site and she is already feeling like one of the family. I start my new job on Tuesday and where I was feeling uncomfortable about leaving my children I am starting to feel secure. This is proof that there are GREAT people on your site. Again, thank you for your service and for doing the right thing. I ABSOLUTELY will recommend your site. Blessings, "
--Lynn 7/7/08

The best part is that I was able find a nanny in only a week! She is working out wonderfully and my twin girls adore her. Thanks for providing such a great service!"
--Suzanne, Overland Park, KS

Question: Is this going to be simple and affordable?
Answer: Our services are a fraction of the price of hiring a nanny agency. Hiring a nanny agency could cost you around $3000 for a full-time nanny placement. But eNannySource.com offers you access to qualified nannies for as little as $49.85

$49.85 Monthly Plan

  • 30 days unlimited access to all nannies & hiring tools
  • Job posting & full nanny search
  • Nanny Success Kit
  • No set-up fee
  • Renews automatically until cancelled
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$119.85 Quarterly Plan

  • 90 days unlimited access to all nannies & hiring tools
  • $49 Comprehensive background check
  • Nanny Success Kit
  • No set-up fee
  • Renews automatically until cancelled
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We thought about paying a service to get a nanny, but could not stomach the $1300-$2500 they were asking for. Your service has made it possible for me to find a nanny without sacrificing Christmas for our family. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"
--Toby 12/12/07

eNannySource.com makes it easy to find the right nanny right now!

"We had a great experience with your service and wanted to thank you. We signed up with you on Saturday and placed an ad describing our family and our needs. We performed a focused search and found quite a few people who felt like they would be a good fit. By Sunday morning we had several replies and by Sunday night we hired a fantastic fit. Prior to finding your service we had no idea how to look for a Nanny, especially someone legal to work in the US. Thanks for the great service. "
--Lisa 1/5/09

"Well, I knew it wouldn’t take long, but 3 days has to be some sort of record for finding a dream nanny!! We have decided on a wonderful nanny who is going to fit perfectly into our family. We couldn’t have done it without the help of your website."
--Toby 12/12/07

Question: Is this process safe/secure? I want a nanny I can trust.
Answer: eNannySource.com provides you with qualified individuals, and gives you the tools you need to interview and hire a nanny just like a professional nanny agency.

"Finding the most reliable and trustworthy person to help take care of my children while I am working was such an important decision in my life. Enannysource.com helped me with this task by providing so many highly trained individuals to choose from. I will without any hesitation continue to recommend anyone looking to hire a nanny to use enannysource.com! "
--Lori 9/2/08
(Mom to 3 year old and 15 month old)

A professional nanny agency goes through these steps to vet nannies:

  1. Telephone interview.
  2. Fill out full nanny application (part of our Success Kit and much more detailed than the web registration). Copies of appropriate documents taken (this should be done last by a family).
  3. Lengthy in-person interview.
  4. Carefully check the references given on the application with emphasis on finding phony references.
  5. If all this is OK she is sent out for interviews.
  6. When hired, prior to starting the job, a criminal background check is done (checks over 300,000,000 records; sex offender list; terrorist list and more).
  7. Ultimately, the family still has to interview the nanny even though she’s been screened by an agency. She’s coming into their house with their kids, so the responsibility is really theirs in the end.

You can hire like a professional agency by using our Nanny Success Kit, which includes: full nanny application; interview questions; telephone interview sheet; reference checking form; legal issues of hiring a nanny; nanny/family agreement.

We give families all these tools to do the job correctly. As far as safety and security is concerned, the nanny doesn’t see the family’s last name or address or even their phone number. All correspondence can be done using our internal email system. We protect your family’s privacy.

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"We have found and hired our new nanny. Thank you so much for your website. It was a great experience."
- Dave

"Thanks so much. It was a very pleasant experience and of great value to be able to 'recruit' via the Internet!"
- Liz

"Thank you very much! The service worked very well for us, and one of our friends! We are spreading the word about it! Thanks again,"
- Marlo

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