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How do I handle Monday holidays with my nanny?

May 27, 2010

Post by The Nanny Doctor, Dr. Lindsay Heller

Many families ask about this issue regarding nannies. The short answer is that this should be predetermined prior to hiring your nanny and be in your first nanny job description and work agreement. However, if you didn’t do that at that time, it’s not too late! There are many Monday holidays throughout the year. This may affect your family in several wayseast inflatables American warehouse

1) Your older children are out of school

If you have older children, they will be out of school on a Monday holiday and you will have to decide what your nanny’s work schedule will be like that day as well as what extra pay you will provide her for the additional children.

2) You give the nanny a day off.

You may choose to give your nanny a day off as part of her annual paid holidays that are included in your work agreement. If you choose this option, you will need to make sure that you are available to care for your children or that you have alternative childcare available.

3) Your nanny has school aged children.

Another issue that may arise is that your nanny has school aged children and on a Monday holiday, those children need to go somewhere. Some families are okay with a nanny having her children come to work with her on these days, while other families tell the nanny she will need to make arrangements for childcare for her own children ahead of time.

Whatever you decide, you will need to think ahead about this situation ahead of time so that you are not caught off guard. What will work best for your family?


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Caroline Wynn says:

As a nanny with children of her own, do you think it’s more beneficial to take a Monday holiday off to care for my own children (and lose out on pay for a day) or pay for childcare for my children so I can work? It seems like a lose-lose situation.

Anna Smith says:

This is why it’s so important to have a nanny-family agreement in place! I didn’t get one with my last family and it caused all sorts of confusion in these kind of situations. Never again!

admin says:

Agreed! Never underestimate the importance of a nanny-family contract. They can be lifesavers in tricky situations!

Marcia Wilcox says:

What do you think is fair as far as extra compensation goes for my nanny if we do have her work on a Monday holiday when our older children are out of school? Thanks!

kaitlyn meyers says:

luckily my family lets me bring my kids to work with me in these situations, but i know not everyone has that luxury. this is a tough subject!

admin says:

You definitely are lucky! Sounds like you have a great employer! :)

Thank you for the great questions! It is so important to discuss Monday holidays from the very beginning. In order to know what you will need from your nanny you must first take some time to think about what your normal routine is on these days. If you will need your nanny on these days, talk about it in the initial interview and include it in the employment agreement. Seeing as that you already have your nanny in place, Eddie, you could offer her the day off, but inform her that it would come from her holiday time. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Eddie Alvarez says:

As a single father, I can’t afford to give my nanny the day off, but I would rather her not bring her kids to work with her on these days. I see how it puts her in a bad spot though. How could I show my appreciation for the difficult spot she’s put in without spending a lot of extra money (that I don’t have)?