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Monthly Archives: January 2014

What Makes a Good Nanny/Family Match?

January 29, 2014

If you did the math, considered your options and have settled on hiring a nanny as the perfect solution for your family’s childcare needs, then it’s just a matter of finding the perfect person to fill that role. But what … Continue reading

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Technology Free-Zone: How to Limit Your Child’s Tech Time

January 27, 2014

With the availability of tablets, gaming systems, cell phones and computers, “play” isn’t what it used to be. In fact, many families find themselves, children included, constantly glued to technology. Even though technology play has positive aspects, it’s also important … Continue reading

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How Children Learn From Failure

January 22, 2014

Even though you do your best as a parent or a nanny to shield your children from harm, it’s not always possible to prevent disappointment and failures. In fact, your child will experience just as much failure, if not more, … Continue reading

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Year-End Bonuses for Nannies

January 20, 2014

Year-end bonuses are the norm for most in the professional world. A nanny falls into the category of a working professional, but she is also so much more. This is the person who spent an entire year caring for your … Continue reading

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Just Breathe: How Nannies Can Teach Children Patience

January 15, 2014

Ever wonder why the children in your care struggle to sit still, can never wait their turn and interrupt constantly? It’s not easy to be patient. It’s even harder to be patient if you don’t understand or have never been … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss Out on the Right Nanny

January 14, 2014

by Michelle LaRowe Editor in Chief Many parents seeking full and especially part-time nannies are surprised to learn how competitive the market is when searching for and securing quality caregivers. This lesson is often learned the hard way when they come … Continue reading

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Finding Work/Life Balance as a Full-Time Nanny

January 8, 2014

After a full day of chasing toddlers, rocking babies to sleep and ensuring homework is complete, it can be exhausting to even think about having a social life as a full-time nanny. However, in order to maintain optimal mental and … Continue reading

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Continuing Education: Classes Nannies Can Take to Improve Their Craft

January 6, 2014

Going back to school can be quite an adventure, especially while balancing the demands of a nanny job. By choosing classes that can help improve your craft as a childcare provider, however, you can enhance your mind and your skills … Continue reading

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