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Monthly Archives: November 2012

10 Great Destinations to Bring Kids on a Field Trip

November 29, 2012

Few events are as exciting to kids as the almighty field trip. The thought of escaping the confines of the home for an afternoon can send children into paroxysms of joy, leaving nannies struggling to keep up with their exuberant … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Prevent Nanny Burnout

November 19, 2012

Working as a nanny can be a stressful job, as nannies often work in isolation, take on tasks far outside the typical job description, and struggle to maintain a healthy nanny/family relationship. Burnout is common, and is harmful to both … Continue reading

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30 Blogs With Tips for Screening Nannies

November 19, 2012

Making the decision to hire a nanny versus enrolling your child in center-based care can be a difficult one. When you do finally arrive at a concrete decision to opt for in-home care, you’ll still be charged with the equally … Continue reading

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Ways a Nanny Can Save Busy Parents Time

November 13, 2012

Many of today’s two-parent households have both parents working outside the home. Time at home with the kids is tight, and parents are always looking for time-saving ways to make their lives easier. Fortunately parents that employ nannies have an … Continue reading

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Expert Insights: Catching Up With Nanny Stella from Nanny 911

November 8, 2012

by Michelle LaRowe Editor in Chief I first met Nanny Stella several years ago, and from the moment I met her I knew she was the real deal. Over the years we’ve stayed connected, and recently I was able to catch … Continue reading

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Do You Know What to Do If Your Nanny Is Injured on the Job?

November 4, 2012

When any injury occurs, there’s a certain amount of concern felt by all involved parties. When the injured party is your nanny and she was hurt on the job, however, it can be an entirely different ballgame. Suddenly, there’s what … Continue reading

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