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How to Use an Online Nanny Referral Service

January 12, 2011

by, Steve Lampert

Back in 2001 when we started eNannySource.com it was unusual to use an online nanny referral service, now the internet is used for almost everything, but there is still apprehension about hiring a nanny online.

A Brick and mortar nanny agency vets nannies thoroughly before referring a nanny candidate to your family, but what about an online nanny referral service? Safety is first in mind amongst families hiring a nanny, especially when a newborn or preschool age child is involved.

eNannySource.com provides the tools of a nanny agency in an online nanny referral service. Our Hiring Pro Toolkit contains everything necessary to pre-screen a nanny. Nanny interview questions, nanny salary guidelines, a complete nanny agency nanny application and the INA Family & Nanny employment agreement. All of these tools are provided free of charge to paid members. All that remains to be done is a nanny background check and this is included at no charge in our Platinum membership.

It’s safe and economical to hire a nanny online so long as you follow all the steps for safe nanny hiring.


7 Responses to How to Use an Online Nanny Referral Service

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Julia says:

I think for someone just starting out in the nanny hiring process, hiring a nanny online isn’t just scary – it can be overwhelming. Using an agency assures that you’re going through the process correctly and helps you familiarize yourself with what to do throughout the hiring process. After you’ve hired a nanny or two though, I’d say online all the way!

Hank says:

I agree – for your first time hiring it might be more beneficial to use a full service agency simply because they do all the legwork for you. That’s what we did for our first nanny because we had NO idea what we were doing. Now we always use online – it’s cheaper and we know what to do to vet out qualified nannies.

admin says:

For any families who are new to the nanny hiring process, our customer service at eNannySource is second to none, and if you ever have any questions about the hiring process and what to do next we are more than happy to help!! :)

Roxie C. says:

I can vouch for the customer service at eNannySource! I had NO CLUE what I was doing when I hired my first nanny, but I didn’t want to pay the fees that a traditional agency charges so I went the online route. I probably called customer service every other day for weeks asking questions, and they were always so patient with me and willing to help out!

adam says:

is it common to find the same nannies online and in a traditional agency?

admin says:

I think it depends on the nanny, but many will use both avenues as a way to find employment. Any way to broaden the job search is helpful when you’re unemployed! :)

Gina says:

I use both online and traditional agencies to find jobs! I see no reason not to take advantage of all avenues!!