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Ask the Experts: Meet Erin Krex of First Class Care Academy

March 12, 2013

by Michelle LaRowe
Editor in Chief

Within the in-home childcare industry, there is a growing push for continuing education. Many industry associations have picked up on the desire of nannies to have continuing education and offer annual training opportunities, and nanny placement agencies are picking up on their desire too. First Class Care, Inc., a Chicago based agency,  is one such agency that  supports continuing education and has started its own in-house training for nannies called First Class Care Academy. Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Erin Krex, president of First Class Care, Inc., to learn more about her program and why she believes continuing education for nannies is important.  

eNannySource: Can you tell us about First Class Care Academy? 

Erin: First Class Care Academy is a specialized training program for Chicago-based nannies, babysitters, housekeepers and household managers. Classes and workshops range from resume and nanny portfolio building to professional housekeeper training.

eNannySource: Why did you start it?

Erin: First Class Care Inc. developed the Academy as a division of our domestic placement agency to continue the education of domestic professionals. Whether you are just starting out or have 10 years of experience, everyone can benefit from more education and a higher skill level. We want our candidates to not only get the job of their dreams, but to continue to grow and learn new skills so they can move up the ladder.

eNannySource:  What types of trainings do you offer? Who can attend?

Erin: We offer a wide range of courses for professional development. Some of the courses we offer include the Happiest Baby on the Block, Car Seat Safety, Homework Without Tears, Special Needs Nanny Training, Professional Housekeeper Training, Professional Laundry, House Management 101, Table Setting and Serving 101 and Adult, Children, Infant CPR & Basic First Aid Training.

We are also the local sponsor of National Nanny Training Day in Chicago. We are expecting 200 nannies to come together April 20, 2013 for a full day of training, networking and FUN! You do not have to be registered with First Class Care to attend our classes. Everyone is welcome!

eNannySource:  Tell us about some of the educational partners you work with.

Erin: We love partnering with the best instructors. A few of our favorites include Charles MacPherson from The Charles MacPherson Academy and Karen Jacobson and Lauren Bondy from Parenting Perspectives. We make sure that the instructors are not only the best experts, but can also make learning fun.

eNannySource.com: Do you require your candidates to take classes?

Erin: We require all of our nannies to be CPR certified. If they take additional classes, we make sure to put their certificates in their profiles so the families can see that they take their jobs seriously and are always striving to learn and improve.

eNannySource: What is the pricing structure for classes?

Erin: All of the classes are different prices. They range from $10 – $400. We base the prices on the cost of the instructor. For example, Charles MacPherson comes in from Canada to teach our classes, so those classes tend to be more expensive. The portfolio class is $25 and covers the cost of all the materials, so each attendee goes home with a personalized portfolio.

eNannySource: Is there anything else you want readers to know?

Erin: We are positive that if you try one class you will come back for more!

Erin Krex is the President of First Class Care. She is an active member of APNA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies) and was on the INA (International Nanny Association) Board of Directors for four years. Erin has been an award recipient of the Leading Mom’s in Business three years in a row and also holds the title of 2010 APNA Agency of the Year winner. As an agency owner, certified baby planner and working mother with domestic help, Erin frequently writes and speaks on subjects related to employee best practices for both families and employees. Learn more about Erin and First Class Care Academy at www.FirstClassCare.com 


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