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10 Things NCIS’s Director Vance Needs in a Nanny

April 1, 2013

Director Vance returned back to NCIS after losing his wife and although he’s still grieving his great loss, he seems ready be back full force at work, but realized he needs some help on the home front to do so.

But after interviewing nanny after nanny, it became clear that Director Vance was sabotaging his nanny search, his feeling of grief holding him back from hiring a nanny.  With a little insight from Ziva, though, he seemed willing and ready to recognize the right nanny.

As he continues his search, what should Director Vance look for in a nanny?

  1. A nanny who isn’t looking to replace his wife and his children’s mother. It is clear that Director Vance wants to keep things strictly professional when it comes to hiring a nanny.  The ideal nanny will be task oriented and focusing on meeting the children’s needs.
  2. A nanny who has experience with older children. Director Vance’s children are slightly older. They need a caregiver who can help with homework, transport them to activities and prepare meals that they’ll eagerly eat. Director Vance is a stickler about homework, so the nanny must be able to ensure it gets done.
  3. A nanny with a spotless background.  Given Director Vance’s position, it should be no surprise that the nanny must be practically perfect in every way. There can be no hint of a questionable past and the nanny must be able to past a rigorous background check.
  4. A nanny who is an experienced driver. Director Vance’s children need to be taken to school and picked up after, at minimum. His nanny must be able comfortably and confidently transport the children.
  5. A nanny who can keep a low profile.  A nanny who seeks constant attention and stands out from the crowd won’t fit in with Director Vance’s family. His nanny needs to blend in and not attract unnecessary attention.
  6. A nanny who can keep the family’s confidence. Director Vance’s family needs a nanny who can keep their family’s information private. His nanny may be privy to sensitive she needs to keep that information to herself.
  7. A nanny who is flexible. With a demanding job, Director Vance’s nanny will have to be willing to work long hours and stay late without much notice when duty calls. Working late nights may be the norm.
  8. A nanny who is comfortable working for a single father. A nanny who is comfortable working for a single father will be imperative in this role. In addition, the nanny must be comfortable with Director Vance’s direct communication style.
  9. A nanny who can provide stability. With the death of their mother, the Vance children are going to need a nanny who can provide stability to the family. A nanny who can make at least a one year commitment will be essential.
  10. A nanny who can offer protection. Given Director Vance’s position, his nanny is going to have to be aware of her surrounds and may even have to know how to deal with threats against the children. A street savvy nanny with some background in protective services may be the ideal choice for the Vance family.

In addition to being a qualified caregiver who can meet the children’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual needs, the nanny must be a good fit for the family. Hiring a solid role model who is willing to invest the time and energy required to be a nurturing companion to the children will be an excellent choice for the Vance family.


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Lisa Werth says:

As a former crisis nanny who has actually worked in some homes where a mother has died, including one found through Enanny source, and having met many other bereaved families I would like to say that your ten tips has only scratched the surface. Plus many of these tips are givens in a majority of “normal” nanny jobs.

First let’s get of this notion of practically perfect, and aim for perfectly practical. These jobs are not easy, there is a large turn over right, and there is a lot of grieving going on. Not one of your tips mentions what this means. A nanny is not a miracle worker nor meant to a martyr.

I have presented at conferences on grief, children, and families. I actually have created a slide show for nannies on this too.

I would post it here, but I’m not sure how.

Hi Lisa,

While a nanny is not a miracle worker, a seasoned nanny can certainly bring much needed consistency and stability to a family in crisis.

As a huge fan of the show, I thought it would be a good opportunity to offer some basic insight into what to look for in a nanny – something other fans, with perhaps no nanny knowledge would benefit from.

This was not meant to be an exhaustive list, of course, just an interesting take on a timely story line in fictional show.

Of course we are always interested in presenting useful content to our readers, but we try to through in a little humor now and then too.

If you have content you think would be beneficial to our readers, please pass it along.


Michelle LaRowe