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Expert Insights with Dr. Caron Goode on Nannies Becoming Parent Coaches

August 12, 2013

by Michelle LaRowe
Editor in Chief

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dr. Caron Goode, Ed. D, NCC on a variety projects. During the time we’ve spent together I’ve learned a lot from her about the importance of truly understanding yourself as well as others, their viewpoints and their temperaments, as well as how this understanding can positively impact relationships. Dr. Goode has developed a natural connection with nannies, and has presented at INA’s Annual Conference as well as mentored many nannies through her parent coaching program. Recently we had a chance to catch up and talk about the trend of nannies becoming parent coaches. Here’s a little of what she had to share.

eNannySource: What is a parent coach? 

Dr. Goode: Parent coaches help parents to solve problems and navigate the predicaments or issues that they face. Parent coaches utilize the empowerment model and strive to help parents to be successful in their approach to parenting in many areas, including in their communication, structure, stress management and discipline styles. Coaches celebrate achievement with their clients, and assist, inform, inspire and educate them. They provide clarity, reflection and reality checks rather than taking the fix-it approach.

eNannySource: Why should nannies consider becoming a parent coach?

Dr. Goode: Nannies who have become parenting coaches have found the role to be a refreshing one to play. We’ve had several nannies go through the program.  They enjoy the empowerment model, and since they are experts in adaptation when they work with families for many it’s naturally a good fit.

As a coach you learn to coach others and adapt through transitions. To do this nannies learn how each of the core four temperaments adapts differently, responds to stress uniquely and how learning preferences and sleep preferences can be shaped for the parent or  the child.

Nurturing is what nannies do best, yet nurturing nature’s specific contribution to a child’s personality and helping parents understand how to do the same is a different process. Coaching gives nannies another viewpoint and way to work with families. For those desiring to coach for additional income, or to have a home-based business when shifting careers, our coaching program trains them to develop their blueprint for being an entrepreneur who works from home.

eNannySource: What parent coaching skills can nannies use every day on the job?

Dr. Goode: A nanny who is trained in coaching skills learns how to ask powerful questions, enabling another to come up with a solution or answer and then to try it out. The whole idea is to enable the experience of success, which is determined by discovering the level of willingness, level of commitment, learning preference and how much support is needed. Nannies can serve as a coach to help parents with values, communication, discipline and consequences styles.

I believe nannies are empowered by the coaching process. The empowerment model gives them a whole new worldview of how service can be offered and respected.

eNannySource: What is your parent coaching certification process like?

Dr. Goode: Specific courses are required for certification in order to fulfill the ethics and guidelines requirements of the International Coach Federation. The coaching courses are offered as webinars. Students dial in to the conference via phone or Skype, and all of us can interact. The webinar on their computer screen offers the course material as the instructor presents it. Other self-paced courses are offered globally through digitalchalk.com.

eNannySource: What are the benefits of having parent coach certification?

Dr. Goode: Aside from adding to a nanny’s credentials and portfolio of knowledge, the information in this program is truly leading-edge, and is not found in any child development courses. The neuroscience research, and believe it or not, the sleep research have opened new avenues in how we can help children learn, thrive and be in good health.

If nannies are not savvy or informed about core temperaments, they may end up like frustrated parents – trying this method and that method without results. They must know that their people skills and success in interactions depends on their understanding of how the parents and children they work with react. Reactions are predictable and nannies are in the prime position of making life easier when they understand the reaction patterns of family members.

Even though most nannies are active listeners, do they know how to address the emotional component beneath a conversation? Are they aware of how to be more assertive, or how to address problem issues of a parent in a compassionate way? If nothing else, the coaching model is about how to communicate and inspire!


Dr. Caron Goode is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International, which trains and certifies coaches for parents and families.  She is the founder of HeartWise Coaching Institute, which certifies professionals in Relationship Coaching and Intuitive Coach-Consultant. She has served as a speech therapist, special education teacher, educational diagnostician, trainer for parents and educators and as a psychotherapist. She is the author of 22 print and digital books. To learn more about Dr. Goode and the Academy for Coaching Parents International visit http://academyforcoachingparents.com/


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