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Introducing Our Newest Partner Nanny in the Clouds

October 10, 2013

Nanny in the CloudsFlying alone can be tough. Flying with kids can be a nightmare. Fortunately for parents who want to make the trip to their destination easier, there’s a perfect solution. Through an exclusive partnership with eNannySource, parents seeking an extra set of hands on flight through Nanny in the Clouds have access to the eNannySource network and its national database of caregivers who are currently seeking caregiving assignments. 

Julie Melnick, founder of Nanny in the Clouds, recently took a few minutes to share a bit about her business and the new partnership with eNannySource.com. Here’s what she had to say.

eNannySource: What is Nanny in the Clouds?

Julie: Nannyintheclouds.com is the first company of its kind to match parents flying with kids with sitters already booked on the same flight.

eNannySource:  How did you come up with idea for Nanny in the Clouds?

Julie: I came up with the idea while on a flight with my son. I had a very difficult time navigating security with him and I also struggled to entertain him throughout the five hour flight. It was almost impossible to carry his heavy car seat through the aisles of the plane to get to our seats without asking someone to help. I knew then that if I ever planned to travel again with my son, I’d need an extra set of hands.

eNannySource: How does Nanny in the Clouds work?

Julie: All parents have to do is go to our website and enter in their flight information. We’ll search to see if there is a nanny who has signed up to work that same flight or if there is a nanny who has entered the same itinerary who might want to help.  Through our new partnership with eNannySource, when parents request an inflight nanny, their job will be made available to nannies in the eNannySource network. Parents can also search the eNannySource network for a caregiver to accompany them on their flight or to provide care at their final destination.

eNannySource: Have you pitched Nanny in the Clouds to airlines? What do they think?

Julie: Yes, and most of the airlines have loved the concept, however we need to grow organically before they will move forward with a partnership with us, so that is what we are focusing on at this time.

eNannySource: What’s your best tip for families and nannies who want to connect in the clouds?

Julie: My best advice for would be to sign up on our site as soon as possible to get your info into our system. That way, we can alert you when a sitter signs up for our site who can give you a hand or when a family signs up for our site who needs a hand.

eNannySource: What do you see as the biggest value Nanny in the Clouds provides?

Julie: Our biggest value for parents is the peace of mind and comfort that comes from knowing you are not alone on the journey with your kids. For sitters, we provide an opportunity to subsidize the cost of a plane ticket.

eNannySource:  Do you screen nannies?

Julie: Currently we ask the nannies to provide two verifiable references. While we are working with a background checking company to provide screening tools, through our partnership parents can utilize the background checking tools at eNannySource.com.

eNannySource: What’s the feedback been like?

Julie:  The feedback has been extremely positive. We have been written up in The New York Times and have been named as an Entrepreneur Magazine 100 Brilliant Companies of the Year.

eNannySource: How to you think the partnership with eNannySource will affect Nanny in the Clouds users?

Julie: Our partnership with eNannySource allows us to reach so many more nannies across the nation, which will allow more parents to take advantage of our service. We are thrilled to partner with eNannySource.com and are looking forward to helping families and nannies connect in the clouds together.

Visit http://nannyintheclouds.com/ to learn more about finding an in air childcare provider. 


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