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How to avoid hiring the wrong nanny

August 7, 2011

Recently a nanny was caught hitting and kicking a baby. It’s hard to understand how someone could do something like that to a child. Thank goodness the family had a nanny cam and caught it and fired her immediately. I’m sure that many parents are thinking after reading about this incident, “Here we go again, another nanny hurting an innocent child. We can’t trust a nanny with our children.” This event is alarming and disturbing to all of us and probably more so to those of us in the online nanny business. Continue reading

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Should a family use a nanny cam?

February 25, 2011

Most of us by now have read the news about a nanny being charged criminally after being viewed on a nanny cam. First, I feel the concern of families that are scared to death after reading about this. I hope that families find it comforting that this is a very rare occurrence. Most nannies are loving, caring people treating their charges with love and respect and do their jobs well every day.

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Is Your Nanny Water Safety Certified?

June 29, 2010

In July of 2008 and now in June of 2010 two nannies have died in drowning accidents while caring for young charges. That is two nannies too many.
Many years ago, I myself as a nanny on duty at the time had to dive into a deep pool to pull a struggling child out of the water.
When I heard of both tragedies the immediate thought that came to mind was could they swim? Why did they never learn what to do in case of a water emergency?
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