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Monthly Archives: November 2011

10 Ways to Explain a Pet Dying to Kids

November 19, 2011

There is no right way to tell a child that their pet has died.  Every child is different and will respond differently.  The harder thing is when you think they aren’t going to be too upset because they knew it … Continue reading

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10 Challenges for the Nanny of Work From Home Parents

November 13, 2011

When a household includes both an in-home business and in-home childcare, the situations which the nanny deals with may have some unique challenges. Discussing the various issues and keeping the communication open between employer and nanny is important in working … Continue reading

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7 Signs Your Toddler is Manipulating YOU

November 8, 2011

Children start learning how to manipulate their parents when they’re mere infants, and by the time they’re toddlers, they really start to hone their manipulative skills. A baby quickly learns that crying gets attention and will figure out how to … Continue reading

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10 Common Issues Found in Nanny Background Checks

November 2, 2011

When an agency or employer runs a background check on a nanny candidate, there are several things they can check for. They can check criminal history, driving history and falsification of identity. Some agencies or employers also run credit checks … Continue reading

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