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Smart Day Planner Product Review

May 8, 2018

plannerFor most nannies, building structure and implementing routine is an essential part of their duties and responsibilities. When young children understand the expectations and can predict what comes next in their day, they tend to be more cooperative, better behaved and feel safe and secure.

When nannies and families work together to foster growth and development, it can sometimes be a challenge to get and stay on the same page. Enter the Smart Day Planner РVisual Schedule & Educational Game. The Smart Day Planner consists of an organizer board, 100 sturdy activity cards and 18 windows to add the tasks to. While the system is magnetic, there are no visible magnetic components to fall off or pose a choking hazard, though caution should always be taken to ensure proper use of this product.

What makes this planner and accessory unique is the sheer number of options there are to add to the schedule board. While many planners cover the basic activities like mealtimes, brushing teeth and bedtime, The Smart Day Planner includes cards for holidays and hobbies like beach time, swim time, meal prep and outdoor play. With cute images and sets designed for boys and girls, the versatility of this planner empowers children in a fun and creative way.

The cards are also well designed, colorful and sturdy. Visual motivation is key when empowering children to build independence as they learn to tackle self care skills.

Click here to learn more about this product and its kickstarter campaign. It seems like a super innovative way to support children in their growth and development.

From time to time Michelle LaRowe will let readers know if she liked a product that she thinks is worth trying. A sample of this product was provided at no cost. This is a review based on the sample provided. All opinions are that of the author. 



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