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YES Prep Has Become eNannySource’s Newest Partner

June 8, 2015

YES Prep Small Logo

eNannySource.com is pleased to announce their newly-formed partnership with YES Prep Public Schools. YES Prep will be offering eNannySource’s online child care service as a new, free benefit for all of their employees to help each of them balance their career and family life.

“We are proud to partner with YES Prep,” said Travis King, eNannySource.com’s director of strategic partnerships. “Teachers and staff who work so hard at helping kids from underserved areas have the opportunities they deserve to graduate high school and go on to earn a college degree deserve every bit of help and support we can give them.”

YES Prep is an open-enrollment public charter school system that’s been educating students from low-income and disadvantaged areas throughout Houston since 1998. They’re currently educating 9,000 students at their 13 Houston schools and will be opening two new schools in Houston this fall. In many of the communities they serve, only half of all students graduate high school, and less than 10% are expected to graduate from college. The goal of YES Prep goes beyond every one of their students graduating from high school; it extends to each one of them earning a four-year college degree. They even continue to support their alumni throughout their college careers.

“YES Prep has been tremendously successful in transforming the lives of thousands of students right here in Houston,” said Eric Mullins, the chief operating officer at eNannySource.com. “Since YES Prep is a nonprofit organization, we are providing our service at zero cost to their organization.”

eNannySource.com began connecting families with in-home child care providers in 1994. Since their beginning, eNannySource has helped more than 500,000 families find the care they need, whether they’re seeking live-in/live-out nannies, night nannies, nanny/housekeepers, babysitters, newborn specialists, or corporate backup care. eNannySource recently began partnering with companies across the country to offer their online child care service as an employee benefit. The focus of the benefit is on backup care, so employees no longer need to miss work for any child care related issue. However, a partnership with eNannySource grants each employee full, unlimited access to their service.

If you’re a nonprofit organization or know of one that you think will benefit from our service, email Travis at travis@enannysource.com and talk to him about partnering with eNannySource.com to offer corporate backup care to your employees and volunteers at no charge to your organization.


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