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The Nanny Background Check. The Nanny Doctor shows how in this video.

November 4, 2010

Nanny Background Checks. The Nanny Doctor shows how in this video.

The Nanny Doctor, Dr. Lindsay Heller, goes through the process of doing a nanny background check in this video. Nanny background checking is a very important part of nanny screening. The nanny background check should be done at the end of the nanny screening process, after the references have been carefully called, her nanny application has been scrutinized for accuracy and she has been interviewed by the family.

When doing a nanny background check it’s important that it does a thorough database check of the U.S., verifies that the SSN belongs to the correct person and has checked for where she has lived. Once you know where the nanny has lived you should then do a county record check. When all of these steps have been followed you can be assured that you’ve done what is considered the “Gold Standard” of background checks.


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Nicole says:

Great tips, especially following up with the county records check! I’ll definitely be referring back to this article when it comes time to run a background check!

Brooke Peters says:

does enannysource run background checks? i’d rather hand that part off to someone else…

admin says:

We do! We offer a few different levels of background checks, which you can find here: https://www.enannysource.com/Nanny-Background-Check.aspx – if you need any help, please feel free to contact our customer service!

Sean C. says:

It’s amazing what a thorough background check can uncover. We ran one on a nanny we were considering – who assured us that it would come back clean – and found several traffic violations. Considering we wanted her to drive our children around quite a bit, that was a deal breaker. And the fact that she wasn’t open about her violations and we had to find out about them through the check.

Wanda says:

Agreed about the county records check – we uncovered some interesting little tidbits of information after running a few county records check on a nanny we were considering.