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Should I tattle on a nanny?

August 3, 2011

I recently came across a post on Google News called “Should I tattle on a nanny?”  The story was about a woman who ran into a friend’s daughter in Starbucks and went over to talk to the girl while the nanny texted. The nanny never even looked up to see who her charge was talking to.

I found this interesting since it wasn’t black or white, but in a gray zone, at least for the writer of the article. It didn’t involve child neglect or anything like that, just a total indifference to the nanny’s charge.

What I found interesting about this blog post was that the writer was so conflicted about telling the girl’s mom. She even went so far as to say that she was upset about seeing this and has thought about it over and over. She seems to be concerned that her friend might not take the news well East Inflatable Rentals.

Personally, if someone found my child in the same circumstances I’d want to know right away so that I could evaluate what to do. Was this nanny too engrossed in a text conversation and this only happened once, or was this a regular occurrence? In what other ways isn’t she attentive to my child? I bet the mom already has some doubts about this nanny and her friend telling her about this might cause her to take additional action. I see it as an obligation to a friend.

How do you see it?



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Clarice M. says:

Absolutely she should tell her friend. If I found out my nanny didn’t even glance up to see who my child was talking to, I’d want to know right away. I don’t think it’s ‘tattling’ persay, but expressing concern.

Prisca - Nanny to Wyatt & Evan! says:

I can see where the conflict is – it may have been a one time occurrence… then again, it may not have been… I think ultimately she should’ve told her friend if she felt so strongly about it though.

kaitlyn meyers says:

we don’t know the whole situation though – what if the child had already said ‘oh there’s so and so…’ and so the nanny was expecting her to come by and say hello and just didn’t think anything of it…

Roxanna says:

Even if that were the case, the nanny still should have acknowledged the other woman and even engaged her in polite conversation. She isn’t being paid to text – she’s being paid to watch the child. My vote? Tell the parents.

admin says:

We’re loving the dialogue this topic has created! Please keep sharing your thoughts!

Hillary L. says:

We have a strict no texting while on the job rule at our house, so if I found out that my nanny was so immersed in texting that she didn’t even look up to see who my child was talking to it’d be grounds for dismissal. I’d hope my friends would tell me if they saw something like that.

jennifer says:

If she’s upset over seeing this then she knows what to do – tell the mom.