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5 Tips to Getting the Most Out of the New eNannySource Mobile App

June 2, 2012

For busy parents and nannies, managing their nanny and family search from the palm of their hand just got a whole lot easier. With the new eNannySource Mobile App, parents and nannies can view their perspective matches with the click of a button anytime, anywhere.

The eNannySource Mobile App, available for both Android and iOS platforms, allows parents to manage their nanny search and access the eNannySource database of over 450,000 childcare providers from wherever they may be. For nannies, by simply entering their zip code (or the zip code of the areas they are willing to work), they can view an updated list of families looking for childcare providers in their area.

To get the most of the new eNannySource Mobile App, follow these 5 tips:

1. Sign in. While the eNannySource mobile application is free, when members are signed into the application, they are able to access additional features, like detailed information on potential nannies and families, their Top Picks and eNanny mail.

2. Utilize the Top Picks feature. Manage your nanny search by adding your favorite nannies and families to your Top Picks. When you add members of the eNannySource community to your Top Picks via the mobile app, it syncs with your eNannySource account ensuring that when you jump online later, your new picks will be there.

3. Check your mail. With the newly upgraded mobile application, families and nannies can communicate securely and easily through eNanny mail, without having to share their personal email address.  Parents and nannies no longer have to wait until they are logged onto the website to communicate, but can email their Top Picks directly through the mobile application itself.

4. Keep your information current. If you’ve recently moved or changed the area you wish to search, be sure to log onto eNannySource.com and update your profile. The eNannySource Mobile App utilizes zip codes to search for potential matches, so you’ll always want to be sure your address is current.

5. Prescreen updated matches while on the go. Whether you’re waiting in the school pick up line (car off, of course!) or killing time at the local coffee shop, using the eNannySource mobile app it only takes a few seconds to view the updated listings in your area and mark which matches you want to learn more about later.

Looking for a nanny or family can be time consuming. The new eNannySource mobile app keeps your search moving forward, whether your web browser is opened or not.

To download the free, newly upgraded eNannySource Mobile App, visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.enanny&hl=en for the Android application or http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/enannysource.com/id494851312?mt=8 for the iOS application.


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