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Nanny to Nanny: An Interview with Kristin from Beverly Hills Nannies

August 13, 2012

by Michelle LaRowe

Recently I had a chance to speak with Kristin Lancione, star of ABC Family’s Beverly Hills Nannies. With my background as an INA Credentialed Nanny with more than 15 years of professional nanny experience, I went into the interview unsure of how it would go or what to expect. Was she the real deal or not? A minute into the conversation we connected and swapped nanny stories like old friends, reaffirming what I’ve always known to be true: No one understands the daily joys and struggles of being a nanny like another nanny.

Here’s a snip-it of our conversation:

eNannySource:  Can you tell us a little about your nanny experience?

Kristin:  Sure. I’ve been a nanny for 8 years and was with one family for 6 years. Honestly, I don’t have any specialized training or education, I just kind of fell into being a nanny and loved the families I worked for.  Everything I’ve learned has been hands-on.

eNannySource: How have you found your work? Have you used an online site? An agency?

Kristin: I’ve been really blessed and have never had to book a job through an agency or online site. I’ve always found my work through word of mouth.

eNannySource: What are the top 5 things that make a good nanny?

Kristin: Gosh, there are so many things.  In addition of having a love for kids, I think respect for yourself, respect for your work family, integrity, honesty and being a real person are important. 

eNannySource: What’s your definition of a nanny?

Kristin: There are so many different definitions of a nanny in every town. To me, it’s someone who is part of the family. You know the things that need to be done and you do them. I’ve never viewed working as a nanny as being a job.  To me it means giving things to everyone else and understanding your role.

eNannySource: You seem to be setting up an agency on the show.  Are you doing this in real life?

Kristin:  Yes! I am setting up an agency.

eNannySource: What do you think makes a good agency?

Kristin: I think it’s important to understand and meet the client’s needs.   I’ve also learned it is best not to do friends a favor!

eNannySource: What about background screening?

Kristin: In California, agencies have to use TrustLine, so we do that. Also, we do drug tests. If you can’t pass a drug test, you have something wrong.

eNannySource: So what makes a good match?

Kristin: Chemistry! I can place the best nanny with a family, but it’s all about chemistry.

eNannySource: How real life is Beverly Hills Nannies?

Kristin: It’s the most real that you can get. While of course it’s edited, they are doing a real good job portraying our real lives.

eNannySource: So would Marika asking Justin to rub her feet be normal in Beverly Hills?

Kristin: No! I would have laughed in her face!

 eNannySource: What do you say to real-life career nannies who question if you’re a “real nanny”?

Kristin: I have worked with kids for 8 years.  It doesn’t matter what you call me.  I am not a career nanny, though.  I won’t be doing this for the rest of my life.

eNannySource: What do you say to someone who was considering becoming a nanny?

Kristin: If you are a nanny or if you want to be a nanny, it’s not really something to think about. You just know. Just make sure the kids needs come first. Don’t do it for the lifestyle and don’t do it for the perks. Do it because you genuinely love kids.

You can watch Beverly Hills Nannies on Tuesdays at 9 8 Central on ABC Family.


9 Responses to Nanny to Nanny: An Interview with Kristin from Beverly Hills Nannies

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Pat Cascio says:

Good interview Michelle. Very nice to hear that she is devoted to the children, supportive of their families and thouroughly enjoys the work that she does.
Pat Cascio
Morningside Nannies
Houston, TX

Michelle says:

Thanks, Pat! We had a fun chat!

Andrea Flagg says:

Thanks for the insider scoop!

Maric says:

Did Kristen say what her new agency would called? and how was she recruiting additional nannies for agency?

Thanks for reading Andrea!- Michelle

Sharyn Marcuson says:

Great article! I like what Kristin said about not needing to think about being a nanny; you just know. For most nannies I’ve met that is 100% true. I thought it was curious, though, that she felt “blessed” that she didn’t have to use an agency to find a job but that she wants to own an agency herself.

@Maric, she didn’t say. Beverly Hills Sorority was floating around on an episode, I think. She did say she was not recruiting, that she was maxed out with new nannies. @Sharyn, as we both know, it is true- you don’t choose to be a nanny, it chooses you. I too, find it interesting she wants to start an agency but has never used one. I think it will be interesting to see how it unfolds! – Michelle

Self Serving says:

I would never hire this woman as a Nanny. She embodies all of the values that I wouldn’t want to expose my kids to–shallow, selfish, and dishonest. Her argument with Amber is a case-in-point. It’s clear to me that she got drunk and bailed on Amber the next day. But, even if she wasn’t drunk, her refusal to take real responsibility for the apperance of having gotten drunk, is troublesome. Also, her advice on clothing and dress, her constant reference to looks and marriage, it all smells of a woman who is more interested in moving up the social ladder than teaching children.

Jan says:

I think Kristen feels she is the best nanny ever, but she really comes across as arrogant. Eight years with six with one family does not make you a nanny or an expert, it makes you a babysitter! She also has the Do as I say, not as I do attitude. I would hire any of the other nannies over her. Oh wait, maybe she could walk my dog!