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Behind the Scenes of Online Nanny Recruiting

August 31, 2012

In the media and even within the in-home childcare industry, there’s been a lot of talk about what an online nanny recruiting site like eNannySource.com does and doesn’t do. We thought we’d take a few minutes to share with you why we exist and what happens once parents sign up with our service.

eNannySource.com and our network of sister sites is not designed to be a replacement of traditional brick and mortar nanny agencies. In fact, for parents who want to have someone else do all of the recruiting and screening of nanny candidates, a traditional agency, like our own National Nannies, is still their best option.  Instead, eNannySource.com serves as the do-it-yourself model, where parents who can’t afford or don’t want to pay agency fees; prefer to be completely hands on; or just love the convenience of our technology can find candidates.  We do want to caution parents though because for them to successfully find a quality nanny through our site, they must commit the time and energy and take advantage of the many resources provided.

We recognize that there are a lot of myths about the work that goes on behind the scenes of online nanny sites like eNannySource.com. To debunk those myths, we’d like to share with you the high-level eNannySource.com process:

The Membership Application.  We have a thorough and proprietary membership process for parents who choose to become a member. The answers you provide help us to better understand exactly what types of caregivers we should market to on your behalf. Though the registration process may seem quick and easy, because it only takes a few minutes to complete, this streamlined profile will help caregivers on our network of sites to determine if they could be a viable match for your family.

Internal Validation Checks.  eNannySource.com has a review process for all applicants. Once information is collected it must pass our internal system and manual checks to ensure that the job is real and marketable. While we’re not 100% there yet, we’re making strides to ensure that parents also understand their legal tax responsibilities as a nanny employer and the labor laws that govern fair and legal compensation.

Advertising on Our Partner Network.  As soon as an application passes muster, we begin advertising. We have an extensive network of partner sites that almost instantly begin showing the new jobs to qualified caregivers by city, state, zip code, and type of position.

External Networks. In addition to the above marketing efforts, eNannySource.com leverages relationships with outside caregiver and job networks to recruit nannies on behalf of our parents. Doing so gives parents access to the largest selection of candidates. Part of the fee parents pay to sign up for eNannySource.com covers the cost of recruiting including reaching nanny candidates via Google and Bing paid search campaigns.

Customer Service. We have a real-life, US-based, bi-lingual, in-office customer service team ready and standing by to answer questions and to offer assistance.

Educational Resources. All of our members receive access to free educational resources once they join eNannySource.com. These materials help parents and caregivers navigate the screening and hiring process and the employment relationship. We also provide easy-to-use guides covering everything from hiring a nanny to letting her go.

Integrated Partner Tools. eNannySource.com has partnered with reputable tax firms and background screening companies. This makes eNannySource.com a one-stop-shop for screening and hiring nannies. For parents who would like assistance with reference checking, screening and more, we offer these services a la carte through our traditional agency, National Nannies.

Industry Experts. We have our own in-house in-home childcare and nanny experts on staff and have relationships with other industry professionals who are prepared to answer your questions in accordance with industry standards and accepted best practices.

As you can see, from the moment a parent signs up with eNannySource.com, we begin our work behind the scenes partnering with parents to find the right nanny for their family. At eNannySource.com we’re here to empower you to make the right hiring decision.

We offer a 14-day trial membership, for you to list your job, refer to our resources and use our tools. We’re confident that if you do your part in the recruiting, screening and hiring process, we’ll do ours.


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