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30 Blogs With Tips for Screening Nannies

November 19, 2012

Making the decision to hire a nanny versus enrolling your child in center-based care can be a difficult one. When you do finally arrive at a concrete decision to opt for in-home care, you’ll still be charged with the equally challenging task of finding a nanny with the right qualifications and beginning the arduous process of thoroughly vetting her. If you’ve chosen to hire independently rather than working with an agency, you’ll also be forced to start the process from scratch, by yourself. These thirty blog entries discuss the many aspects of thoroughly screening nanny candidates, offering valuable hints and information along the way.


After wading through the sea of applicants and settling on the most promising among the bunch, you’ll need to begin the process of setting up one-on-one interviews with the candidates you’ve chosen. These interviews will not only be an opportunity for you and prospective nannies to get to know one another, but also for you to continue thinning the list of applicants. These five blogs are filled with nanny interview hints and advice, helping you to begin the process as confidently as possible.

Reference Checks

Career nannies understand that their references are worth their weight in gold, and must be protected at all costs. In an industry reliant largely upon reputation and word of mouth, a quality nanny will guard that reputation carefully and be proud to supply potential employers with the references that corroborate it. Still, you may have little to no experience handling the process of checking references if you’ve never hired a nanny before, which is where these bloggers can offer some pointers.

Keep it Legal

With the power of the Internet and the help of an unscrupulous character or two, it’s actually quite easy to access significant amounts of background information on a nanny candidate. Despite the simplicity of obtaining that information, some of it cannot legally be used to make a hiring decision. In the interest of helping first-time nanny employers keep their background screening process completely above board, these five bloggers provide a bit of information about Federal hiring laws.

Drug Testing

Determining whether or not a promising nanny candidate is a recreational user of illicit drugs is a very important part of the hiring process for some parents, though the process can be anything but simple. These five blogs tackle the subject of pre-employment drug screenings from a practical point of view, offering quite a bit of valuable advice and information.

Background Checks

Whether you want to know about her driving record, criminal history or simply want to make sure that she’s not on the National Sex Offender Registry, there are a variety of reasons for employers to run a criminal background check on a nanny candidate. These five blogs offer advice on how to properly conduct a background check, what they entail and the best methods of legally obtaining the information.

Certifications and Education

Knowing that you’ll be leaving your children in the hands of a well-trained, competent nanny can offer the greatest peace of mind of any childcare decision you ever make. While there’s no standard legal certification process for nannies across the country, the self-regulating industry does offer a variety of potential classes, certifications and workshops. These five blogs discuss the different types of certification a nanny might have, explaining their value to first-time nanny employers.


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