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Marcia Hall. International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year.

May 31, 2011

eNannySource is happy to announce that Marcia Hall of Milwaukee has won the International Nanny Association (INA) nanny of the year award. The award was presented at the annual INA conference held in Tampa, FL. This award is presented annually to a nanny that shows dedication and professionalism in her nanny job.

Marcia has been a professional nanny since the late 1990’s and is currently nannying for a family with an 8 year-old boy and a 4 year-old girl. Marcia and her husband, Scott have a two year-old girl. We’re sure Marcia is getting a different perspective on childcare with her own child. Click to see Marcia’s full bio and acceptance speech for Nanny of the Year.

eNannySource.com was very pleased to award Marcia a Flip video camera to take movies of those precious moments were her family. Way to go Marcia!


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Natalie says:

Great job Marcia!

Haley says:

Good job Marcia – I really admire all the nannies who are nominated/win Nanny of the Year! Maybe next year it will be me :)

shannon e. says:

woohoo! congratulations!

jacqueline says:

love that you gave her a flip video camera – so fun! good work marcia!