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10 Outfits Parents Love But Kids Hate

December 11, 2011

The battle between parents and their kids when it comes to getting dressed is the stuff of legend. Even from a young age, most kids have fairly strong opinions about the clothes they like to wear, and the ones that they absolutely don’t. Here are a few of the things that parents love to put on their children, and children hate having to wear.

  1. The Sailor Outfit – Kids past toddlerhood almost universally hate the sailor outfit, and the choruses of “Oh, how adorable!” only make them more cranky.
  2. School Uniforms – Parents love the affordability and time-saving nature of school uniforms. School administrators love that uniforms take the focus off of clothing and help keep it on academic performance. Kids hate uniforms. They hate the loss of individuality, the typically-uncomfortable fabric and the bland colors.
  3. Enormous Hair Bows – There’s a particular kind of parent that likes to put disproportionally large bows on a little girl’s head, even during infancy. Adults may ooh and ahh about elaborate bows, but most kids hate them.
  4. Frilly Dresses – While some little girls love to dress up, most don’t like the itchy lace and restrictive nature of a very fancy dress.
  5. Anything With a Matching Hat – Try to put a hat on an infant, toddler or even a preschooler. Chances are, they will take it off and hurl it to the ground immediately. That adorable Easter outfit with a matching bonnet may be adorable on the hanger, but don’t count on it staying in place for more than five minutes.
  6. Things That Require Turtlenecks – Kids hate turtlenecks. They’re uncomfortable, and can even make some children feel overheated and claustrophobic.
  7. Seasonal Sweaters – Most kids aren’t wild about any kind of sweater, but their dislike will quickly skyrocket to furious hatred if a sweater has a snowflake, reindeer or other holiday motif. If you want to cause a really impressive tantrum, try to put a turtleneck under it.
  8. “Kiddie” Clothes – At a certain age, most children decide that certain styles of clothing are too young for them. When they reach this point, no amount of cajoling will convince them to happily wear a pastel shirt with ducks on the front.
  9. Cutesy Animal Costumes – There’s a reason why the pink bunny costume in A Christmas Story is a cultural icon: it represents everything that children hate and parents find adorable.
  10. Bulky Snowsuits – Parents in colder climates love the snowsuit because they’re confident that their children will stay warm and comfortable. Kids, on the other hand, hate the bulky and clumsy nature of a puffy snowsuit. Putting it on is a chore, getting it off is even worse; if nature calls while your child is wearing one of these, be prepared for panic.

As with adults, likes and dislikes vary from child to child. One little girl may love frilly dresses, the more elaborate the better; her sister may have quite impressive tantrums any time she’s approached with one. It’s a good idea to respect your child’s individual clothing taste as much as possible to help foster a sense of individuality, but also to stand your ground when a particular style of dress is absolutely necessary. Striking this balance can sometimes be difficult, but your children will appreciate the effort.


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Jasica says:

Good article for parents who need to understand kids attitude. Cloths should be comfortable to every child other wise they feel non-comfortable.

Nice Post

Anna says:

The outfits which you have discussed here, in true manner kids hates to wear

Andy says:

according to my experience kids hates cap, clothes with fur and itchy tags,
but the point which you have mentioned by this article are really worthy to read and appreciable

Beck Hudson says:

See thou all steps are good but not completed. It depends upon kids to kids. Like my baby like to wear itchy clothes with fur but not kiddie clothes. Somewhat this articles touched my heart and surely discuss this with my known.

Simon says:

As i am married but not yet became father but i have experienced this issue with my sister kids.

denny hagel says:

Very interesting and enjoyable article that brought back some good memories. I believe that children have their own preferences and it is a parent’s job to help them discover what those preferences are rather than impose their likes and dislikes onto them. What we wear is one of the most obvious forms of self-expression…and should be honored regardless of the age. However, it is also important that parents guide their children to learn respect for themselves and their bodies to know what is appropriate and safe. Thanks for sharing this!

admin says:

Love your statement about what we wear is one of the most obvious forms of self-expression – so true!!

Heather, Mmm... is for Mommy says:

Luckily for my little one, I’m all about comfort and I dress her the same :) New follower from the ffhop :)

Malika Bourne says:

Very good! How about PRACTICAL SHOES? Malika

Theresa D says:

When my oldest was 9 months old, I came home one day and his Aunt (babysitter) said he was cranky all day, which was out of character for him. After looking at his adorable outfit I decided to take off his jeans and put cotton pants on. He immediately stopped crying and was happy for the rest of the evening, he just didn’t like his jeans. I since then added “Take off pants” to the babysitters list of things to try to fix the sad baby. Cute isn’t always the most comfortable thing.

admin says:

Haha! Love the “take pants off”!!

six sisters says:

Ha Ha! Very cute blog entry! So fun to read all of the comments! Thanks so much for joining us on “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We loved having you and hope to see you back next Saturday with more fun ideas! -The Sisters