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Should a family use a nanny cam?

February 25, 2011

Most of us by now have read the news about a nanny being charged criminally after being viewed on a nanny cam. First, I feel the concern of families that are scared to death after reading about this. I hope that families find it comforting that this is a very rare occurrence. Most nannies are loving, caring people treating their charges with love and respect and do their jobs well every day.

We feel that by following proper nanny screening steps and really doing your homework in the vetting process that families will find a great nanny. Unfortunately this type of media article creates a lot of understandable anxiety. A nanny cam can help reduce this anxiety and we encourage families to use one whenever they feel the need. Just be sure to follow the appropriate laws of your state.


6 Responses to Should a family use a nanny cam?

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luke b. says:

this must be a hot topic right now, i’ve seen several articles around the web about nanny cams and if they’re ethical or not.

Julie says:

It’s a hot topic because they can be a great tool when used properly and they can cause a world of problems when abused. Most nannies don’t mind the use of a nanny cam when they know ahead of time and can consent to being filmed. But finding out after the fact that your employing family has been filming you without your knowledge can also ruin the trust you previously may have had in your employer.

Sarah O. says:

This is true – but using a nanny cam without a nanny’s knowledge can also reveal her true personality…

Jessica T. says:

AH, definitely a touchy subject. Ultimately, I think if you’re uncomfortable enough about your nanny to default to a nanny cam you may want to reevaluate why you’re uncomfortable with her in the first place.

Ellen Day says:

I think there can be positives to using a nanny cam! We’ve used them in the past when my girls were babies simply because I work long hours and wanted to be able to check in on them during the day! It made me feel a little more connected to them.

Tara S. says:

I agree that most nannies aren’t going to do anything on the job that warrants a nanny cam, but I definitely see how it can bring peace of mind.