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How to find a Professional Nanny

April 25, 2011

Professional nannies can be a little hard to identify on an online nanny service since there are all levels of nannies available. So how does one go about locating a professional nanny on eNannySource.com? Our suggestions are to use the search criteria to narrow down the number of candidates by looking at the number of years experience. We feel that two to three or more years paid experience as a nanny is a good place to begin.

Other criteria that can help you identify professional nannies are whether they have CPR and a driving license. The number of families worked for isn’t a good criterion to look at because a nanny could have 10 years experience and only work for one family or two years experience and work for five families.

Once you’ve narrowed down the number of nanny candidates add them to your My Top Picks list and begin contacting them. A professional nanny will always get back to you promptly!


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kristy says:

i don’t think you should automatically exclude a candidate based on her lack of experience… nannies all have to start somewhere!

Polly N. says:

I agree with Kristy, but I also think that if a person is serious about nannying she’ll likely have sought out childcare experience in other avenues before becoming a nanny. Babysitting, working for daycares/preschools, etc. can all beef up your resume and give you valid childcare experience.

Jamie says:

In my opinion, the number of years of experience doesn’t necessarily speak to the nanny. I know some agencies require ‘x’ number of years, but I would think that having 1 year of solid experience with 1 family would trump having 5 years of experience with 15 different families…

Bonnie P. says:

We always tell potential nannies that they have to have current CPR and first aid certification as well as a clean driving record and valid driver’s license before they can start working for us. It’s just not worth the risk in the event of an accident.

Laurie says:

The My Top Picks List is one of my favorite things about eNannySource!! :-D