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eNannySource.com wins coveted web-testing awards

May 10, 2011

We don’t generally brag about our achievements here, but eNannySource.com recently won two coveted awards from SubscriptionSiteInsider.com for best webpage testing in 2010. We won for the best homepage test of the year and best registration page test of the year. We were up against some tough competition, so we’re truly honored.

Since our inception in 2001 we’ve been dedicated to bringing the best the web has to offer to families and nannies, and as part of this effort we’ve put together a great team, the best in the business in all areas of web commerce and the nanny world. So, we’ll take our hat off to ourselves and all our dedicated team members, scattered all over the country and the world! Job well done (and we’re not done yet!).


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Karen says:

congratulations! that’s definitely something to be proud of!

James L says:

Very cool – as someone in the tech field, I know it’s an honor to receive those awards! Good job!

Julia W. says:

Awesome! Congrats!