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Category Archives: Pop Culture Nannies

10 Things NCIS’s Director Vance Needs in a Nanny

April 1, 2013

Director Vance returned back to NCIS after losing his wife and although he’s still grieving his great loss, he seems ready be back full force at work, but realized he needs some help on the home front to do so. … Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Really Rate Your Nanny On

July 4, 2012

By Michelle LaRowe Editor-in-Chief Beverly Hills Nannies, an ABC Family reality series that will make its debut on Wednesday, July 11 at 9/8 central hasn’t even premiered, yet the promos alone are enough to make me cringe with concern. If … Continue reading

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10 Crazy Bad Examples of TV Families

April 10, 2012

The exploding popularity of reality programming has introduced an entirely new set of dysfunctional families to the world of television; they stand alongside some of the heavy-hitters in the realm of scripted-show history. Here are ten of the best examples … Continue reading

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10 Famous Child Psychologists and Their Credentials

December 15, 2011

Child psychology is a decidedly fluid discipline, wherein new discoveries and research are constantly reshaping the clinical landscape. There are many notable doctors in the field of child psychology, not all of whom agree on theory, much less proper diagnosis … Continue reading

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