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Category Archives: Child Safety

Caring for Three or More

March 20, 2017

For many larger families, nanny care is the most affordable, effective, and efficient childcare option. Unlike with daycares, nannies don’t charge a per child fee or age children out of their care, so for parents with several children of differing … Continue reading

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EnannySource.com Insider Tips for Slaying Your Child’s Monster

October 25, 2013

by Michelle LaRowe Editor in Chief From the fear of shadows to the belief that there’s a real live monster living behind their bedroom closet door, it’s not uncommon for children to share their bedtime concerns. In fact, around the age … Continue reading

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Preventing Common Car Related Injuries and Deaths

May 1, 2013

by Michelle LaRowe Editor in Chief When it comes to car related injuries and deaths in children, many parents simply believe that their family is immune. Yet incident after incident shows children of seemingly responsible parents – including doctors and teachers … Continue reading

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Ways to Encourage a Service Attitude in Kids

December 12, 2012

We all hope our children will grow up to be the kind of adults that reach out a helping hand to those less fortunate. However, a service attitude doesn’t just happen; it has to be given ample opportunities to take … Continue reading

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Steps Nannies Can Take To Prevent Common Childhood Injuries

August 13, 2012

While minor injuries are a largely unavoidable part of an active childhood, one of the most important aspects of a nanny’s job is to keep her charges safe and healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more … Continue reading

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9 Preventable Childhood Injuries

August 7, 2012

By Michelle LaRowe Editor-in-Chief Whenever I hear that a child has fallen out of a window or drowned in a hot tub, I can’t help but feel a mix of emotions: sorrow for the family who lost their child in … Continue reading

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Summer Safety Alert: Never Leave Children Alone in Cars

June 10, 2012

By Michelle LaRowe Editor in Chief, eNannySource.com We are barely into summer and caregivers are already making news for leaving their children unattended in motor vehicles on hot summer days. Fortunately, in one of the first reported cases of 2012, … Continue reading

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