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Category Archives: Nanny Discipline

What to Do When Your Nanny Texts Too Much

February 12, 2013

It seems that phones today are used less for making actual phone calls and more for texting people and surfing the Web, something that can be a great convenience or a great distraction. Texting has become a concern for many … Continue reading

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30 Blogs Nannies Should Try for Discipline Ideas

August 15, 2012

Reality television shows like SuperNanny have created something of a false impression regarding nanny disciplinary techniques by enforcing the idea that the majority of nannies are engaged by parents who are struggling with problem behaviors and are searching for corrective … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Disciplining Kids in Front of their Friends

February 7, 2012

There are times when parents are forced to discipline their children in the presence of others, which can be quite tricky. This delicate situation should be handled as such, in order to avoid damaging a child’s self esteem and leading … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Nannies Don’t Love SuperNanny

October 4, 2011

SuperNanny and its primary competitor, Nanny 911, are a pair of shows that television networks promote as “reality” programming. In both of these shows the set-up is basically the same, in that upper-middle-class families who have multiple children, who are … Continue reading

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Barbaric or Better? 10 Ways Kids Were Disciplined in the 70′s

September 30, 2011

Sometimes I stop and reflect on my childhood which is mostly full of very fond memories of growing up in the 70′s and 80′s.  We had an amazing family which spent a ton of time together playing outside, going on … Continue reading

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