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Part Two How to avoid hiring the wrong nanny

August 13, 2011

This nanny blog post is a continuation of the prior blog post with the same name. For those that didn’t read part one, it was based on a recent incident of a nanny caught on a nanny cam dropping, kicking and hitting a baby. Fortunately the child wasn’t physically harmed, but you can imagine the emotional trauma to this baby. Continue reading

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How to avoid hiring the wrong nanny

August 7, 2011

Recently a nanny was caught hitting and kicking a baby. It’s hard to understand how someone could do something like that to a child. Thank goodness the family had a nanny cam and caught it and fired her immediately. I’m sure that many parents are thinking after reading about this incident, “Here we go again, another nanny hurting an innocent child. We can’t trust a nanny with our children.” This event is alarming and disturbing to all of us and probably more so to those of us in the online nanny business. Continue reading

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Communicating with your nanny

June 13, 2011

After over 17 years in the nanny business and 13+ years as a nanny employer I’ve come to believe that communication is the most important element in a successful nanny/family relationship. The nanny I hire has been with me started when my son was born. Continue reading

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eNannySource announces the winners of their nanny and family contest

June 2, 2011

eNannySource recently ran a contest to find the best story of hiring a nanny from us and another contest to find the best story from a nanny about her job search. The nanny and family each won a Flip Video camera. Continue reading

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Hiring and screening nannies for newborns and infants

February 16, 2011

Every parent has great concern and anxiety over screening nannies for their newborn or infant. Having owned a brick and mortar nanny agency for many years I was able to see the qualities that help parents feel comfortable making this big decision. Continue reading

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Step by step nanny screening for online nanny hiring

February 15, 2011

eNannySource.com will be launching their new step by step nanny screening system March 1, 2011 Continue reading

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How to Tip Your Nanny for the Holidays

December 16, 2010

This time of the year the subject of tipping your nanny, housekeeper and other in-home worker comes up. Things to consider when thinking about what to tip your nanny are: amount of time she’s worked for you; how good you feel about the job she’s doing; how many children you have and your own financial condition. Continue reading

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California Nanny Gate. What went wrong?

October 14, 2010

Here in California we’ve had another “Nanny Gate” occur that could affect the governor’s race. I’d like to share a few of my thoughts on the subject. Continue reading

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Should I have my children present at the nanny interview?

September 27, 2010

This question is a very common question that I get from new moms. There are many layers to the nanny interview process and many layers of screening candidates that needs to take place. Your children really don’t need to be present until the very end of the process. Exposing your children needlessly to nannies who may or may not be their next nanny can leave them feeling anxious and uneasy. Continue reading

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How do I pick nannies to interview?

September 23, 2010

Selecting nanny candidates to interview can be a tricky task that requires some skill! Fortunately enannysource.com provides you with what you need to know in to focus your nanny search and select only the cream of the crop to interview! The most important step is making sure that you have a clear idea of what you want and what you need in a nanny. After you have determined exactly what you are looking for, it is time to see who fits the bill! Here are some tips for determining who is in and who is out. Continue reading

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